Originally posted on Data Center POST

fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty’s Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Corey Welp participated in the panel “Sustaining Investment Demand for Digital Infrastructure in a Post-Covid World” with fellow industry thought leaders at International Telecoms Week (ITW). Corey was instrumental in bringing together the 1547 team and has proven experience in the data center space. The panel covered topics including the changing perception of ICT infrastructure, attracting new investors with longer-term funds and cheaper capital, the driving factors of this year’s largest investments and M&A deals, post-Covid digital infrastructure investment, and emerging use cases in the Metaverse.

Over the last two years, the value of the digital infrastructure asset class has become clear. The asset class is seen as critical infrastructure and a utility underpinning much of the global economy. In the panel, Welp spoke about the shifting trends in different sectors, prior, during, and post COVID. From the data center angle, Welp described how 1547 has recently seen an acceleration of cloud application through its leasing perspective. 

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