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AboveNet Selects Ancotel’s Frankfurt Data Center for Pan-European Ethernet Expansion

by Rita Nolan, Media Relations Manager, iMiller Public Relations

ancotel has announced that AboveNet has selected its Kleyer90 data center in Frankfort, Germany as its new hub to reach markets across Europe and beyond.

Kleyer90 is Europe’s largest and most global data center facility. It serves a wide variety of enterprises and over 400 providers of cloud, content delivery, hosting, VOIP and broadband services. Kleyer90 is also an important connection point between Eastern and Western Europe. Most of its traffic flows outside of Germany, providing services to customers in over 63 countries. Frankfort’s position as a major international center for financial service companies makes it an attractive geographical market for AboveNet’s high-bandwidth, low latency optical network products.  Ancotel’s vmmr®, “virtual meet me room”, provides a robust and intelligent Ethernet platform for global network access. This perfectly aligns with the requirements for high-speed, high-bandwidth, reliable connections from AboveNet’s core customers that include carriers, media companies, financial service providers and government.

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ancotel provides seamless global Ethernet connectivity solutions and expansion to AboveNet

ancotel GmbH continues making global news.  In their release today, they announced that their vmmr.® platform selected by AboveNet for Ethernet Expansion.  AboveNet will be receiving seamless Ethernet connectivity solutions around the world through the german based interconnection company.

With this new alliance, Abovenet gains access to ancotel’s Kleyer90.®, Europe’s largest and most interconnected data center facility.  This means they will have access to more than 440 service providers representing over 63 countries.  AboveNet is going global, with reach throughout ancotel’s international marketplace that serves all types of carriers and providers including VoIP providers, broadband providers, hosting companies, content delivery networks, cloud networking companies and enterprises.  AboveNet is known for its high availability optical network.  Its Carrier Ethernet solutions offered at speeds from 100meg to 10gig support bandwidth intensive applications that require high performance, low latency connectivity.
AboveNet’s Newly Expanded European Reach
ancotel may be based in the Euro Finance Hub of Frankfurt Germany, but with this highly interconnected data center facility, AboveNet is using the premier network gateway between Western and Eastern Europe.  Nearly 75% of the traffic in and out of ancotel’s Frankfurt data center is routed to destinations outside of Germany.  By providing a highly interconnected hub, ancotel is focused on delivering highly reliable infrastructure solutions to ensure access to global network end-points.

AboveNet’s advantages for going through this Frankfurt hub include a the implementation of Germany’s strict data protection laws, its open regulatory environment and ancotel’s Kleyer90.® interconnection facility.  Frankfurt is the perfect fit for AboveNet to expand their networks and business globally.

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Northeast Co-location Market

Originally posted on WiredRE Group’s Blog
Written by Lisa Huff

Many other analyst firms claim that demand outstrips supply in the data center co-location market. The fact is that this may be true in some regions, but is absolutely false in others. Gone are the days when telecom and co-location providers say “build it and they will come.” All have taken the modular approach – do NOT build unless you have at least an anchor tenant or more likely, several contracted customers. However, there are still pockets of capacity that were built just before the recession that remain vacant, but this is not true for the Northeast.

Wired Real Estate Group has just finished a new study of the Northeast US market for wholesale/retail hybrid co-location services. Not surprisingly, what drives the Northeast market is the financial sector. In addition, with the advent of the HITECH initiative that requires healthcare facilities to implement and maintain electronic health records, we see the healthcare vertical as a growing market within co-location data centers in the next few years.

Some of the highlights of our analyses are summarized below.

  • Most of the demand remains in NY and NJ.
  • In 2010, the market shrunk by about five-percent from 23MW to 22MW.
  • In 2011, it rebounded and grew more than 150-percent, driven by pent-up demand from the financial sector.
  • The market for 2012 remains strong with expectations of around 30-percent growth.
  • Dupont Fabros Technology, IO Data Centers and Sabey top the list of added capacity with more than 10MW each in 2012.
  • All added capacity has at least one large anchor tenant associated with it, though not all have been announced as of yet.

While the Northeast remains one of the most vibrant markets for co-location services, many enterprises are looking elsewhere in order to minimize ongoing operating costs including energy and taxes. So, secondary markets like DE, PA (part of our Mid-Atlantic study) and NC (part of a future Southeast study) are becoming more attractive.

Global Capacity expands network reach of One Marketplace Access Exchange with DBR360’s 360Exchang

Global Capacity and DBR360 Strategic Alliance

Global Capacity and DBR360 Strategic AllianceThis morning, Global Capacity and DBR360 announced that they are joining forces and extending Global Capacity’s telecommunications network reach.  This is exciting news!  The two companies found sympatico by extending Telecommunications Network Reach without capital investment or term commitments.

Considered the leading Network as a Services (NaaS) provider for enterprises and carriers, DBR360 is providing immediate access to their 360Exchange‘s national footprint.  This greatly benefits Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange by connecting their latest pricing tool with a protected network architecture supporting a number of technologies, such as SONET, SDH and Ethernet.  With this new deal, Global Capacity’s reach will extend to strategically selected POPs such as New York, Los Angeles and Ashburn.  With newly gained access to extensive TDM and Ethernet point-to-point connectivity options without having to invest additional capital, Global Capacity has even greater potential to grow their reach for One Marketplace Access Exchange, which has been building much momentum in the marketplace since it’s release earlier this year.

Both David Baule, CEO of DBR360 and Patrick Shutt, CEO of Global Capacity expressed a lot of enthusiasm around the announcement.  The two companies already have a long-standing strategic relationship, and the overall sentiment from both companies expressed that this latest development only strengthens that alliance.

With this network increase from 360Exchange, One Marketplace Access Exchange customers will be able to access end-to-end network solutions benefiting from the strength of DBR360s well connected long-haul network.  A great leap forward for Global Capacity’s growing roster of businesses benefiting from the already extensive features of their premier pricing tool.

Both companies are continuing to discuss and evaluate ways to work together in this way.  We’re keeping a close eye on this relationship, which clearly exemplifies a good working strategic alliance in the Telecom space.

Intelligent Investment: A Sidera Network Strategy

Sidera Networks, the premier provider of tailored, high capacity communications services, comprehensive facility-based network services, and superior industry expertise, is banking on intelligent investment in key markets. The company’s new President, Clint Heiden, formerly of PAETEC and Intellifiber, says their strategy lies in expanding and complementing their current assets to drive additional verticals, products, and density. Another vital component to their strategy is to diversify fiber paths between Northern Virginia and New York, and to have the ability to bypass key network congestion points in and around New York and DC. In addition, Heiden says Sidera will utilize its expertise in serving the most difficult vertical in the world, financial services, to help companies increase their global footprint and satisfy growing client demand.

Sidera plans to move quickly, efficiently, and deliberately in choosing where they invest, by focusing on expanding and complementing the assets they’ve already deployed.  The company’s network has over a billion dollars invested in it and it is serving the financial services industry – the single most challenging vertical in the world. By continuing to invest around the network they will drive additional verticals, products, and density. This will also increase EBITDA, profit, and margin while driving investor returns and creating paths for M&A.

Sidera aims to connect to every data center within two miles of their fiber over the next two years. According to Heiden, they were the first provider to light DuPont Fabros’ ACC-6, a key financial services building that tandems off their NJ-1 Piscataway data center.  In just one week, they progressed from initial discussions to full-deployment.  The customer was impressed and they clearly demonstrated their capabilities. Heiden says they expect a stream of announcements on similar deployments coming in the very near future.

One of the first things Heiden sought to highlight about Sidera is their Transcom route, running just west of I-95,  which provides a unique and diverse fiber footprint between New York and DC, terminating in Rockville.  By bringing that down to Ashburn they became the only provider with two truly diverse fiber paths between Northern Virginia and New York City.  As important, they also have the ability to bypass New York and DC, to provide a completely protected ring with low latency routes in these metros that bypasses key network congestion points.

Heiden also says Sidera is committed to growing their global footprint. Historically, AC-1 had dominated the low latency market in London.  Responding to customer-demand for an even faster connection, Sidera utilized a strategic relationship to cross the Atlantic and utilized their in-house expertise to build and utilize the right electronics at the landing stations. As a result they are now offering the lowest-latency route to Slough. They know how to get around the New York/New Jersey metro markets and out to Chicago – all critical to the financial services market.  Clients are also asking for similar connectivity to key financial markets in Pac-Asia and Brazil, and the company intends to do that too.

By strengthening their current fiber routes, avoiding congestion points and providing the lowest latency transatlantic connections, Sidera’s intelligent network strategy offers an increasingly competitive value for its customers.

Michael Sicoli, CEO of Sidera, to Discuss the Growth and Future of Fiberoptic Networks at Monday’s Jeffries Global Telecom Conference

Michael Sicoli, CEO of Sidera Networks will participate in a panel discussion at Monday’s  2012 Global Technology, Internet, Media & Telecom Conference,   organized by Jeffries, “the global investment banking firm.”

The four-day event will feature discussions and presentations by over 250 thought leaders from leading telecom, internet, media and other technology providers. An international crowd of over 1000 institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms will be in attendance to gauge trends and developments and evaluate investment opportunities in these technology areas.

Mike Sicoli will be part of an hour-long panel titled “Growth in Fiber Networks”. Offering his experiences on this subject matter is timely: Sidera has been rapidly expanding its robust fiberoptic network on the East Coast and overseas. An integral part of the company’s current focus has been to develop extensive high-performance, low-latency networks for financial services firms and major exchanges as well as building networks to data centers for back-up and recovery and Cloud Services.

Mike Sicoli’s discussion partners on the panel will be: Kevin O’Hara, CEO of Integra Telecom, Glenn Russo, EVP of Corporate Strategy of the Zayo Group, Larry Schwartz, CEO of Seaborn Networks, Rob Shanahan, CEO of Lightower Fiber Networks and Ed Vilandrie, Co-Founder of Altman Vilandrie.

The conference will also feature keynote addresses, breakout sessions and investor meetings.

The “Growth in Fiber Networks” panel will take place on Monday, May 7th, at 9am, at the Westin, in New York.  For a copy of Mike Sicoli’s presentation, please email For additional information about the conference, please visit the Jeffries conference event page.

Cross River Fiber Promotes New Routes

When milliseconds can win or lose a company millions of dollars, speed counts. Cross River Fiber has just announced an extremely attractive offer for its express, New Jersey-based, Dark Fiber routes.  In conjunction with their participation at International Telecoms Week (ITW), the company is offering an exclusive 2 for 1 special on four new routes from key data centers to New Jersey’s premiere carrier hotel, 165 Halsey Street. The promotion will allow companies to mix and match from the routes included in the promotion according to their needs.

Included in the bundled dark fiber promotion are the following four NJ data centers:

Cross River Fiber works with financial, government, education and healthcare sectors throughout the State of New Jersey to provide a comprehensive approach to network service design, implementation, and service management. The provider in February announced the completion of its 23.25 km “express fiber route,” that connects two “carrier hotels” that specialize in data for the finance industry — where even milliseconds are critical to their bottom line.

Cross River Fiber provides its own unique, alternate, dark fiber optic infrastructure for commercial and carrier businesses.  Their fiber network uses 100% new optical glass and maintains a high reliability and security. They own operate an independent, state-of-the-art fiber optic networks and offer a variety of lease and IRU options to their clients for use of the company’s network.

This 2 for 1 offer introduces its new express routes to clients where milliseconds matter.

Future Proofing Data Centers

How do companies’ future proof data centers when the future hasn’t happened yet?   Infrastructure companies that focus on elite engineering of major facilities face an array of issues.  It’s the compilation of experience and execution that can make a data center future proof.  Take into consideration Deerns consulting, which specializes, in energy efficient design of critical operation facilities such as airports, data centers, hospitals, and Level 4 biohazard labs and clean rooms.

This presentation is a clear explanation on how Deerns suggests and implements engineering solutions that ‘future proof’ data centers.  Share your thoughts and feedback here.  For more information email

Cross River Fiber Attends ITW 2012 in Chicago

The Windy City is about to get a lot more Windy with the arrival of over 5,000 global telecom executives about to enter town.  The annual International Telecoms Week is set to begin in Chi-town on May 14 running through May 16.  This year, Cross River Fiber will make its ITW 2012 debut – as the company launched in June 2011 it is their international coming out party.

What is most exciting about Cross River Fiber is its focused, high-touch, custom dark fiber network solutions.  As they build out network throughout New Jersey, they are ensuring that many municipalities, hospitals; enterprise campuses and data centers are connected with the most modern fiber infrastructure available.

Don’t get me wrong; the Cross River Fiber team has been to ITW for many years – just not in their current form.  The team hails from such esteemed companies as 4Connections and Optimum Lightpath (which acquired 4Connections).  The founder and CEO of Cross River, Enzo Clemente, is highly regarded in the telecom engineering sphere as he has designed some of the NY metro region’s most reliable and fastest network connections.  Also attending with Enzo is Mike Sevret.  Mike re-joined Enzo, as they worked together at both 4Connections and Optimum Lightpath, and is now an executive at Cross River serving as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Both are well-connected and extremely knowledgeable executives – their experience and know-how can help companies plan their network expansions throughout the New York metro area.  To meet the team at ITW2012 email:  For information about Cross River Fiber visit: