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Join Global Capacity at the 2013 ChannelVision Expo and Learn How to Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Automated Pricing

BenEdmondPicture (1)Escape the winter weather and join Global Capacity, the world’s leading telecommunications information and logistics company, at the 2013 ChannelVision Expo (CVx) in Miami, Florida.  Taking place January 30th through February 1st at the Miami Beach Convention Center, CVx will bring together top industry executives, channel players, wholesale providers, and more to discuss and develop business partnerships and strategies, in order to promote the successful selling of companies’ products in today’s competitive market.

Ben Edmond, Global Capacity’s Chief Revenue Officer, along with the Global Capacity team, would like to extend an logo (1)invitation to analysts and C-level and sales-oriented executives to join them at CVx.  Participating as an executive speaker during the ‘Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Automated Pricing’ session on Thursday, January 31 from 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM, Mr. Edmond will discuss the ins and outs of automating internal processes and procedures.  In addition, Mr. Edmond will elaborate how businesses can streamline network delivery through Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange, an automated pricing and procurement platform for global access network solutions.

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Cross River Fiber Discusses Dark Fiber and 2012 Telecom Trends with TABB Group




Bringing together a plethora of telecommunications industry professionals, Telx Marketplace LIVE 2012 was considered a “must attend” event of 2012.  Industry leaders gathered to discuss cloud services, innovative services, financial services, digital media, and many more topics associated with 2012 telecom trends.  During the event, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Sevret, of Cross River Fiber, a New Jersey-based, boutique dark fiber optic and telecommunications solutions provider, discussed latency and dark fiber in northern New Jersey and New York with TABB Group, a financial markets’ research and strategic advisory firm.  Transcribed below are Mr. Sevret’s comments.

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Mike Sevret- Talks with TABB Group at Telx Marketplace LIVE

“Latency is the question that everyone is still talking about. Even as we transition away from high frequency trading and more towards high performance trading, latency is the key to everything. And in today’s marketplace, latency is really the question of fiber. How much fiber there is and where does it go. I am here with Michael Sevret from Cross River Fiber, who is a major provider of fiber optics capacity in Northern New Jersey. Michael, thanks for joining me at Marketplace LIVE.”

Mike, what is going on in the fiber picture in Northern New Jersey and New York?

Basically, the landscape has changed in the past couple years. Cross River is laying a new fiber optic cable routes from northern New Jersey down through Somerset and out West New Jersey. It is a large fiber count cable that is adding a lot more redundancy and network diversity for the low latency financial vertical. High-speed trading, connecting proximity locations, exchanges, and data centers where we could be a niche provider that offers the low easy routes with fiber abundance and capacity to that vertical.

A lot of folks these days are talking now about things like microwave transitions and new technologies.  Is fiber still going to be a player in tomorrow’s market? Or is it sort of here today, gone tomorrow?

I believe that fiber is always going to be the primary transport mechanism. It is obviously at the speed of light that a trade travels. As a dark fiber provider, I also think that complimentary services of RF and microwave only helps the fiber optic companies, like myself, sell their primary services because the SLAs are much more dependable and greater, and the cable has a much longer duration.

Right, cable has a much longer bandwidth. Usually a cable starts with 10 gig and can go up to 40, 100, and 200 gig. You can get some massive cable lengths.

Yeah, with a pair of fibers and customers say with the technology of CWDM and optical equipment, the new T1 from back in the day is now a 10 gig. 10 gigs are pretty standard and pretty common. So the fiber optics for me, from a bandwidth perspective, is really what the customer is going to put at the end of it, and we build large count cables without having abundance of capacity.

What about cost? I mean in today’s market, especially in equity market, buy ins are down, commissions are down, costs are a concern for everyone.  Are costs coming down in the fiber space, or is capacity at a premium still?

We would like to say that it’s not, but it definitely is. It is very competitive nature and is a very capital intensive business to build fiber optic networks. But at the same time, if we know that we have the lowest latency fiber outs, we still have to be cognizant of what the price points are with your competitors and also with the RF microwave technology that competes with it. So cost is definitely a factor with the vertical and customer base. But at the same time, if we are shaving off nanoseconds and microseconds with a fiber route to a financial vertical, they are typically willing to pay a little more of a premium for that.

Datagram Offers Up to Three Months FREE on Any Service!

Datagram PromoDatagram is committed to keeping your business online and accessible.  The company is off to a roaring start in 2013, offering up to three months free on any service. Datagram’s service trifecta of scalable, secure and reliable Internet Access, Colocation and Web Hosting solutions enable companies to leverage the Internet in order to achieve critical business objectives.

Datagram also offers optimal Managed Services including Server Hosting, Email Services and Office Automation, as well as Disaster Recovery solutions and Data Backup to ensure high availability and minimal downtime. Customers can choose any Datagram service and get up one month free for a one-year commitment, two months free for a two-year commitment and three months free for a three-year commitment by using the promo code DG3FREE.

Customers can also choose to obtain their services at Datagram’s state-of-the-art network and data center facilities in New York City and Bethel, CT, or their own locations.

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BridgePoint Technologies Rings In 2013 With a New Website

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.31.47 AMAfter months of preparation and tireless work performed by its Leadership, Staffing & Recruiting, Project & Mobile Services, IT Managed Services and Creative Services teams, BridgePoint Technologies recently announced the launch of its newly structured and redesigned corporate website.

A new website, much like the beginning of a new year, brings the opportunity for a fresh, new start. For BridgePoint, the change has meant a chance to redesign itself and channel new focus into its clients and key service offerings. From a company started by a group of entrepreneurs with a vision of combining their unique strengths and skill sets, and formalizing their processes, to being named one of the fastest growing private companies in America after just eight years, BridgePoint has proven over and over again its ability to successfully adapt its portfolio of solutions and strategic team of experts to every dramatic change within the industry. They have done so in such a way that has continuously helped their customers adjust, leverage and substantially benefit from information technology – all the while never losing sight of their original mission, vision and values.

The streamlined, modern, dynamic and versatile website is, in the words of BridgePoint’s President and CEO, Michael Millhouse, a ‘direct reflection of BridgePoint’s ability to adapt, innovate and change along with the industry we serve’. The new site has been transformed into a content-rich, modern new design easily viewable from both stationary and mobile devices. With streamlined navigation and enhanced features, the site’s user-friendly hierarchy is now even easier to navigate. Its clearly labeled sections and subpages also play a key role in defining and highlighting BridgePoint’s key services and solutions.BridgePoint-Technologies (1)

End-users are now privy to easy access resource links, corporate news and events and a bevy of project samples. Visitors can also easily navigate to potential career opportunities and get to know BridgePoint’s entire leadership team as well as strategic partners. New additions to the site include current social media updates and a blog section, where readers can enjoy more in-depth pieces regarding BridgePoint’s latest IT solutions and innovations in the IT community.

The site is just one of many new initiatives the full-service IT consulting firm plans to unveil in the new year. The company is poised to start 2013 with a focus on their most recent technological developments in the areas of Mobile Applications and Virtual Office solutions. BridgePoint’s Mobile Applications solutions include mobile strategy and architecture, mobile application development and mobile conversion integration. These initiatives provide end-users with a comprehensive, scalable, and secure solution that mobilizes their workforces, streamlines everyday business processes, drives sales, and increases customer satisfaction to help their organizations gain a competitive advantage in the market. BridgePoint’s Virtual Office features a hosted remote desktop, fully outsourced IT department and access to knowledgeable Help Desk staff, enabling end-users to seamlessly and securely access their office files, emails and shared documentation from anywhere, at anytime, from any Internet-capable device.

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TeliaSonera International Carrier Discusses the Challenges of Operating in Today’s European Market

TSICCAPACITYAround the world, markets are economically fluctuating. This fact certainly rings true for the European market.  Enterprises across all markets are strategizing ways to prevail during these difficult times.  Despite the rollercoaster trends of the current European market, one company in the telecommunications industry is fully prepared.  Simon Vye, Regional Director for Western Europe at TeliaSonera International Carrier, a leading global IP carrier that operates a wholly owned fiber optic network connecting 200 Point of Presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America and Asia, recently sat down for an interview with Capacity TV to discuss the challenges of operating in today’s European market.

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Challenges of Operating in a Fluctuating European Environment

(Moderator: Kavit Majithia of Capacity Magazine):

Today on Capacity TV, we have Simon Vye, Regional Director Western Europe at TeliaSonera International Carrier. Simon, welcome to Capacity TV.

What do you believe are the present challenges of operating Europe considering its fluctuating economic climate?

It’s always difficult times for us it seems in Europe for the moment. Certainly the pricing pressures that we have and the margin pressures that we have are ever increasing. But that said we do see a doubling of bandwidth requirements from the Nordics right down across the region to Spain. That doubling is every 12 to 18 months. As well as that, we are constantly trying to find new and innovative services, and certainly some of our customers have been looking to us to provide broader, greater services such as Total Network Outsourcing. We have done a few pieces of businesses this year; Facebook and Ross Telecom come to mind, where they have outsourced their infrastructure to us and up into the Nordics.

How do you believe European operators can address the issues of saturation in the market?

Well for TeliaSonera, saturation is a little bit of a double edged sword. With 17 to 18 million eyeballs and end-users on our networks worldwide at a group level, saturation is a good thing; it drives growth for us. But at the international level, saturation means increased competition. So we have to constantly strive to differentiate ourselves.  So, we are constantly looking to be the most attractive partner for content providers, mobile operators, and fixed carriers.  We combine that with innovative services, but also award-winning customer care, service management, and after sales in general.

In keeping with the theme of differentiation, what developments will you be making over the next year?

Well, its busy times at TeliaSonera right now. Yesterday, we launched our 100 gig network offering across the US. We are striving very hard and are busy at the moment to roll that out across Europe. So pretty quickly we are going towards 100 gig on our backbone. We are constantly developing products; we have a new Ethernet offering coming out shortly. We are involved in a lot of work with IPX. We are constantly rolling out new points of presence in Europe. So it is really everything from the network, to the products, to the infrastructure that it all sits on.

As one of the most developed next generation markets in Europe, how is TeliaSonera addressing day-to-day demands in the Nordics?

You’re right the Nordics is a very advanced telecommunications environment. Indeed, TeliaSonera was the first world-wide to launch 4G services. Also, across the Nordics, Fiber to the Home is a very advanced and commonplace technology used these days. The amount of investment that goes into the infrastructure in the Nordics is quite phenomenal. Another interesting fact that is happening at the moment is that companies like Facebook and Ross Telecom are choosing the Nordics for their data center; so the Nordics is also becoming a quite a data center destination.

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Competitive Telecoms Group Gives Clients FREE Board Search Upgrade – Meet them in Hawaii

stk153597rkeCompetitive Telecoms Group, Inc. (‘CTG’), one of the leading consulting and recruiting companies in the telecommunications space with more than 50 global carrier clients, announces a new free search service that offers clients the opportunity to enhance their main Board and Advisory Board talent.  As a value-add to the industry, CTG now offers Free Board placements to its clients.  The company remains unmatched when it comes to its knowledge, speed and proprietary network of talent. Most recently, the organization successfully completed the placement of Keith Olsen, former CEO of Switch and Data to the Board of FiberMedia and Doug Maine, former CFO for IBM and MCI to the board of Broadsoft.

CTG is an active participant in the Pacific Telecoms Council’s (PTC) annual conference and exhibition.  The company will be at this year’s event, which takes place in Honolulu, HI from January 20-23, 2013.  They will be meeting with clients, prospects and executive Board candidates to identify and provide talent-sourcing recommendations.  In the “aloha” spirit, CTG will also be offering their free Board search service.  This is a great opportunity to meet with CTG and review new business opportunities with them in Hawaii.

Additionally, Competitive Telecoms offers executive advisory services through an ongoing engagement. These include management restructuring, operations reviews and due diligence reporting for merger, acquisition and/or restructuring purposes, as well as retained searches to recruit qualified and experienced talent across entire organizations.

CTG views itself as representatives of their clients in the marketplace.  They recognize that their clients expect them to perform with the same level of professionalism, judgment, dedication and industry knowledge that would apply if they were to perform the search themselves.   In their view, it is the only way to develop and maintain long-term and valued relationships while delivering the quality results on which their reputation will be based.

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BridgePoint Technologies Welcomes New Microsoft® SharePoint Consultant César Castillo

BridgePoint-TechnologiesBridgePoint Technologies is expanding! Due to the company’s substantial success and steady growth since its inception in 2004, BridgePoint Technologies is fortifying its team of dedicated experts with fresh new talent. The organization announces the addition of a new member, Microsoft® SharePoint Consultant César Castillo.

In an effort to support its flourishing SharePoint Consulting Practice, BridgePoint Technologies is growing its team of SharePoint professionals. The onboarding of Mr. Castillo comes on the heels of SharePoint Consultant Kathy Jordan-Baker’s appointment in October. As the newest member of the SharePoint team, César is responsible for providing customized SharePoint solutions to BridgePoint’s expansive portfolio of healthcare, legal and financial services and non-profit clientele. Mr. Castillo will also execute the design of intranet solutions, and configure and set-up SharePoint sites for internal intranets as well as public facing web sites.

César possesses 10+ years of experience and subject matter expertise in SharePoint solutions. From 2010 to 2012, he was contracted by ITTelligence to work on several SharePoint development projects as a Business Analyst and SharePoint Developer for Mars IS / Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company in Chicago, IL. Mr. Castillo also served as a Help Center Analyst, providing Tier III technical support for the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, from 2007 to 2010. Prior to joining Mars IS / Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, César served as an IT Service Desk Associate for Lucent Technologies in Lisle, IL. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

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Hula Your Way to Hawaii and Meet with Global Capacity at PTC‘13

medwt24076Enjoy the sun, sand, surf and join premier telecommunication professionals at the 35th annual Pacific Telecom Council event, PTC’13: Capacity, Capability, Collaboration, taking place January 20-23 in Honolulu, HI.  If the location alone does not initially convince one to attend, Global Capacity’s Chief Revenue Officer, Ben Edmond, will also be serving as an executive speaker during the conference.

Taking place on Sunday, January 20th from 3:50 PM to 4:10 PM in the Nautilus 2 room of the Hilton Hawaiian Village® Waikiki Beach Resort, Mr. Edmond will participate in the panel entitled “Interconnections Drive Business.”  During the panel, he will teach the ins and outs of Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange, and its role in enabling a ‘new era’ of collaboration amongst telecom’s network of buyers and sellers. The One Marketplace Access Exchange is an automated pricing and procurement platform for global access network solutions. It streamlines network delivery by automating the process of obtaining accurate price quotes and network design for local access rates in order to provide companies the ability to increase revenue, decrease operating expenses and gain visibility as well as a competitive advantage within the market. Additionally, Mr. Edmond will discuss interconnection’s role in driving business growth.

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The One Marketplace Access Exchange Provides Greater Network Value to its Customers

With the constant pressure on today’s enterprises to continue to optimize their IT assets and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), solutions that enable them to be more efficient and effective are critical.  Global Capacity allows customers the opportunity to  reach these goals and better focus on their core competencies through its automated, multi-vendor access network solutions.  These access network solutions leverage real-time, market-based data, providing expert information on reach to enable businesses the opportunity to consider implementing aggregation hubs at high capacity switching points, thus reducing the time to obtain and deliver networks globally.

At the heart of Global Capacity’s business model is the company’s One Marketplace Access Exchange, which provides a transparent and efficient way to buy and sell global access solutions.  The One Marketplace Access Exchange offers customers ubiquitous network reach, automated access network procurement and optimized access network solutions.

The One Marketplace Access Exchange offers users automated quoting of access network services, increases customer’s operational efficiency with real-time responses and reduces costs by providing competitive pricing. The key innovation of this online telecom marketplace is its ability to automate network pricing tables and manage unique business rules while delivering multiple, real-time service quotations combined with the gathering and reporting of extensive intelligence on market price, demand and supply. The One Marketplace Access Exchange not only provides quotes, it is an automated procurement system that enables purchasing, tracks provisioning and monitors delivery status for each circuit purchased through the platform. The marketplace provides transparency into access network pricing and visibility into available capacity across multiple vendors and geographies.

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace provides customers a means to extend their network reach. Through a single network interconnection, customers gain visibility into multiple carrier’s access network services, pricing and availability regardless of where they are located. With this functionality, customers are able to identify the local connectivity that they need, anytime, from anywhere.  One Marketplace maintains service information on more than 2,000 carriers in 195 countries, providing maximum reach and flexibility, as well as extensive pricing to help customers make well-informed decisions on which access network solution is right for them.

At the core of Global Capacity’s business is the company’s focus on optimizing customer’s access networks.  Global Capacity’s proprietary system algorithms, powered by the One Marketplace Access Exchange, analyze network connections by identifying  more efficient network solutions for off-net access services. This provides potential ways to save through grooming of existing networks to more efficient architecture, driving down access costs, improving bandwidth utilization and EBITDA performance, and optimizing overall network access connectivity.  By aggregating and outsourcing non-strategic, off-net network assets to Global Capacity, customers can reduce costs while simplifying operations, enabling them to re-focus efforts on maximizing on-net services to better serve their customers.  Through in-depth analysis, the Global Capacity team is able to identify excess capacity within existing network inventories and load the data  into the One Marketplace Access Exchange, where customers are able to monetize existing network assets, increasing revenue while effectively reducing the cost of that capacity.

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January 2, 2013 is iMPR Client Appreciation Day Featuring: Sidera

 Sidera Networks understands the need for speed and how important low latency connections are to its customers, particularly those in the financial services industry. Xtreme interconnects all of the key players in the financial services ecosystem. Learn more about Sidera’s Xtreme Network. Sidera operates in the nation’s busiest metropolitan markets and serves the critical communications needs of service providers, businesses, hospitals, universities, and the major U.S. stock exchanges. We are committed to delivering highly reliable, low-latency, customized communications services to support your most important business needs. Learn more about our Industry Solutions and Dark Fiber Solutions.

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On December 27, 2012, Lightower Fiber Networks, the premier metro fiber and bandwidth provider in the Northeast, and Sidera Networks, the leading provider of tailored, high-capacity communications services to large enterprise, carrier and data center customers, announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire and merge both companies. The combined company will be led by current Lightower CEO, Rob Shanahan. The merger is pending regulatory approval and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2013.

To read the original press release, please click here.

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