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Technology is opening unprecedented levels of information through internet access and that allows people to communicate, learn, work and earn money from anywhere they have an internet connection. For those living in rural communities without broadband or wireless services, that same door of opportunity remains unopened. Getting a signal for a mobile device, for instance, has often meant throwing on a coat and driving into town. Infrastructure makes life easier.

Technology transformation provides access to information that helps solve traditional problems. Technology transformation comes to rural communities through fiber and wireless buildouts. That’s when things begin to improve. Infrastructure and those who are building it are fueling these life opportunities. Simply put, fiber and wireless services transform the lives of rural communities, giving people choices.

How technology transforms rural communities

When technology comes to town, one noticeable benefit is the ability to get a cell signal from the comforts of home. Fiber makes this possible; fiber is the nervous system sending information across the country. Fiber to the Tower (FTTT) and Fiber to the Building (FTTB) literally lay the groundwork for wireless, wi-fi and LTE.

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