Open-IXWhen it comes to offering quality connectivity, your data center or Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is already second to none. So, why become Open-IX certified by the Open-IX Association?

Here are five reasons you should consider OIX-1 and OIX-2 certification for your IXP or data center:

  1. Market your technical infrastructure: When you become Open-IX certified, you let your customers know that your connectivity is riding on best-in-class infrastructure. Certification guarantees that your organization will always be backed by fast and efficient Internet service.
  2. Streamline the decision-making process for your customers: Selecting a data center or Internet exchange is never a fast or easy process. But when a customer goes online and sees that your facility is Open-IX certified, the individual will know immediately that it will meet their business’s technical and operational requirements for data transfer, physical connectivity, and resiliency to improve reliability.
  3. Expand into different markets with less hassle: It’s not always easy to expand your data center into a new market—particularly an international one—without a well-known and reputable brand image. Open-IX certification will identify your business as a trusted and reliable exchange point.
  4. Boost your interconnection value: What differentiates your business from other interconnection points on the market? If you’re looking to acquire more customers, you need to show them that your business is committed to improving connectivity, resiliency and security as the Internet continues to proliferate. Open-IX certification gives you this validation.
  5. Raise the bar for your facility: Earning Open-IX certification will show your customers—and your employees—that your organization is a top-tier data center or Internet exchange point. When you accept the responsibility to become Open-IX certified, your business must adhere to certain technical and operational requirements that promote neutrality, interconnectivity and place a greater focus on serving customers. This will translate into better customer trust and, thus, greater revenues. It will also enable you to play a key role in reducing the complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets, improving Internet connectivity around the globe.

The Open-IX Association is holding its Annual General Meeting in New York City on October 2, 2015.  Learn more about the event by visiting or sign up to attend here.

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