TEX-PanelOn June 21-22, the ZenFi team took a short trip from their Manhattan offices downtown to Cipriani Wall Street to participate in Telecom Exchange NYC 2016.

While attending the event, ZenFi President and CEO, Ray LaChance, participated on the CEO Roundtable, “Fiber & The City: Analyzing the Need for New Metro Dark Fiber Builds in and Around NYC.” Alongside industry colleagues from Cleareon Fiber Networks, Cross River Fiber and Unifi Communications, Mr. LaChance discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with the development of new fiber networks throughout New York and surrounding areas, including the ways in which these deployments support growing densification requirements for the enablement of the Internet of Things (IoT).

When discussing the abundance of fiber throughout the New York metro area, Mr. LaChance was asked to comment on his perception of the current state of the market.

“People always ask me, ‘Why would you start a fiber company in New York City?’ It’s a saturated market,” LaChance shared. “There clearly is a lot of fiber and a lot of competition. The problem is that most of the fiber is not as accessible as it needs to be to solve the issue of mobile densification.”

The ZenFi Access and Express networks were designed to solve this problem, providing enhanced connectivity to enable IoT. As LaChance commented on the panel, “ZenFi is squarely focused on supporting the mobile wireless ecosystem and the need to densify networks. We are building a new type of network in the New York metro area – the fronthaul network.” This new type of network, LaChance further elaborated, is bringing fiber where it is needed most, enhancing the accessibility and affordability of connectivity at the edge to enable the ZenFi promise of “Any Pair. Anywhere.™”

If you missed out on Telecom Exchange, now is your chance to experience the CEO Roundtable from the front row, thanks to a video replay from JSA TV, a service of Jaymie Scotto & Associates, by clicking here. As capacity and accessibility continue to be the key drivers of new network deployment throughout New York City, LaChance and his colleagues made a compelling case for the need of enhanced bandwidth and increased investment in fiber.

If you would like to learn more about ZenFi, please visit www.ZenFi.com or email info@ZenFi.com for more information.