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A Massive Project Shifting the Industry:  Quantum Loophole Provides Updates on Exciting 2023 Project Ahead of PTC’23

Data Center POST had the opportunity to connect with Josh Snowhorn, Founder and CEO of Quantum Loophole. For over 20 years, Josh has led the interconnection industry under the guiding values of approachability, accessibility, collaboration, innovation and growth. These values manifest in Quantum Loophole’s innovative and environmentally sound approach to providing powered land to hyperscalers, enterprises and colocation providers. Learn more about Josh and the monumental projects Quantum Loophole will be discussing at PTC’23 in the interview below. 

Data Center POST (DCP) Question: What does participating in PTC’23 mean to your company?

Josh Snowhorn, Founder and CEO Quantum Loophole (JS) Answer: PTC’23 means connecting with some of the brightest minds in the digital infrastructure industry and learning about new trends and developments throughout the globe.

DCP Q: What products/services/locations/other are you excited to share at the PTC’23 conference? 

JS A: QLoop network is a massive 40± mile hyperscale fiber ring connecting Quantum Loophole’s 2,100+ acre data center development in Frederick, Maryland to Northern Virginia’s Data Center Alley. The fiber network ring will allow carriers to place more than 200,000 strands of fiber, connecting to the Ashburn ecosystem in under one half millisecond Round Trip Time (RTT).

DCP Q: As you think about PTC’23, what business goal is most important to you and why?

JS A: At PTC’23, we look forward to increasing awareness of QLoop and how it expedites time-to-market for Quantum Loophole customers and creates a private metro system on the Quantum Frederick campus.

We also want to increase awareness of how the data center campus in Frederick, Maryland incorporates power, network and water improvements into site development, and how it offers an environmentally sound approach that reduces the overall carbon footprint while fully enabling powered land to bare metal server capabilities with the highest level of connectivity, reliability and security.

DCP Q: How can people meet or learn more about you at PTC’23 (or after)?

JS A: Anyone who is attending PTC’23 and would like to schedule a meeting with the Quantum Loophole team, they can visit: https://quantumloophole.com/ptc-23-telecom-conference/

DCP Q: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?

JS A: Quantum Loophole reimagines the site selection process for hyperscale and mass-scale data center developments. Our first project, in Frederick County Maryland, provides the digital infrastructure industry a 10-20 year road map inclusive of land, power, water and fiber network infrastructure. Pre-orders for conduit, custom fiber deployments and access to QLoop are currently available.

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