Ilissa-240x300On the fifth anniversary of the global telecom and technology public relations and marketing firm that she founded, we recently sat down with Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations (iMPR). In a brief interview, Ilissa looked back the launch of iMPR, what innovations she predicts will have the greatest impact on the telecom industry in the future, the increasing influence of social media and where she sees iMPR headed in the years to come.

Q: When you founded iMPR in 2011, what was the original inspiration and objective of its launch?

impr_logo-3A: When I entered the global telecom space, I was immediately inspired by the meaningful impact these companies had on people’s everyday lives. The opportunity to provide guidance that motivates and inspires others to share their stories about this industry is a passion of mine, and has been the goal of iMPR since its inception.

Q: At the company’s launch, how many clients did it have?

A: We were very fortunate to have the support of multiple companies right out of the gate, including Datagram, FiberMedia (vXchnge), Global Capacity and Sidera Networks (Lightower). Since then, we have worked with over 240 organizations both on individual projects and monthly-retained PR and marketing services.

Q: Looking back over the past five years, what technological innovations do you think have had the greatest impact on the telecom industry? How does this change how you approach client communications?

A: One technology that has impacted the industry in a major way are the small cell wireless solutions, which was the driving force behind our acquisition of the Northeast DAS and Small Cell Association (NEDAS) in 2013. Another very important innovation, of course, is cloud computing, and iMPR has also focused on the Open Compute Project in recent years. As a consultant and a partner to our clients, it is our job to make sure they are well-versed in trends and emerging opportunities with timely information and expert insight.

Q: How has social media changed the way we reach and communicate with clients’ audiences?

A: Social media is continuously evolving as a communications vehicle. With its various platforms, it has become an excellent tool with which to share companies’ major announcements, to share information about their participation as speakers and attendance at upcoming events, and as way to meaningfully connect in conversations, and comment on information with target markets about the industry, as well as evolving products, services and solution sets.

Q: Is there a telecom industry sector that you believe is poised for explosive growth?

A: Any technology that can lower costs and increase bandwidth is a winner. However, today, security is a key factor that we all need to consider. Moving forward, cybersecurity for businesses as well as individuals, will be a key growth area.

Q: As an organization that now has clients across North America, Europe and Asia, what are some industry sectors that you would like to specifically target moving forward?

A: I would like to continue to work as a partner with leading industry media and event organizers, as well as help companies in the Open Compute space to spread the word about their developing, innovative solutions.

Q: What are your three main objectives for the future of iMPR?

A: My three main objectives are to build a team that is passionate about achieving their best, to tell industry stories that inspire, and to be a source of history and influence as the communications industry continues to evolve.

Q:  The next question is adopted from the popular television series “Mad Men.” During one episode, a journalist from Ad Age interviewing Don Draper asks if he was an animal, what animal would he be? Draper’s response: “Do people actually answer that question?”

So, if iMPR was an animal, what animal would it be?

A: That’s an unusual and interesting question. The team at iMPR is a pride of lions. Our strategic communications, targeted marketing campaigns and event management programs are the loud roar we make. We are constantly on the hunt for new opportunities and platforms for our clients, and we are respected throughout the industry for our collective strength.