by Rita Nolan, Media Relations Manager, iMiller Public Relations

ancotel has announced that AboveNet has selected its Kleyer90 data center in Frankfort, Germany as its new hub to reach markets across Europe and beyond.

Kleyer90 is Europe’s largest and most global data center facility. It serves a wide variety of enterprises and over 400 providers of cloud, content delivery, hosting, VOIP and broadband services. Kleyer90 is also an important connection point between Eastern and Western Europe. Most of its traffic flows outside of Germany, providing services to customers in over 63 countries. Frankfort’s position as a major international center for financial service companies makes it an attractive geographical market for AboveNet’s high-bandwidth, low latency optical network products.  Ancotel’s vmmr®, “virtual meet me room”, provides a robust and intelligent Ethernet platform for global network access. This perfectly aligns with the requirements for high-speed, high-bandwidth, reliable connections from AboveNet’s core customers that include carriers, media companies, financial service providers and government.

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