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New DAS platform delivers superior wireless coverage and capacity for multi-carriers in the industry’s smallest footprint

, Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Verizon Wireless In-Building Technology Update Forum — Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (“ADRF” or the “Company”), a leading provider of wireless coverage and capacity solutions, announced today the launch of the ADX V, an evolution of its DAS platform. This new solution uses modular architecture and is ideal for supporting both single carrier and neutral host applications. The ADX V is the most flexible platform on the market that provides a genuinely future-proofed solution allowing consumers to only pay for what they need now. The ADX V provides all the benefits of ADRF’s legacy DAS, including modularity, hot-swappable design, user friendly web-based monitoring system, and power consumption efficiency, and it also comes in a significantly reduced form factor. With up to 60% in space saving, the ADX V is not only smaller in dimension but also lighter in weight, which results in a small, more aesthetic enclosure which is simpler to install even in a small telecom closet with limited space.

Featuring unique, patented technologies, the ADX V is ideal for providing wireless coverage for multiple dwelling units (MDU), commercial buildings, large venues and campuses, and metropolitan areas since it can eliminate the need for multiple wireline infrastructure by using a single strand of fiber to support multiple wireless operators.

“Our new ADX V DAS represents not only the culmination of Distributed Antenna System as an advanced technological platform but also one that addresses 21st century demands such as energy, space, and cost efficiency,” said Julie Song, President of ADRF.  “The ADX V epitomizes our company’s design philosophy of ultimate modularity to enable a perfect fit for virtually any application or venue.”

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