Originally posted to Data Center POST

As outlined in the recent “Ireland’s Data Hosting Industry 2018 Q1” report, Ireland has rapidly built a global reputation as a leading data hosting hub. Connectivity to Europe and the Americas, high bandwidth capacity, cost efficiency, and power availability and reliability all contribute to making it an ideal location for data hosting.

To raise awareness of the benefits of digital assets hosting in Ireland, Host in Ireland provides organizations with the information and resources they require when making investment decisions. Just recently, the strategic global initiative and winner of the Datacloud Europe 2016 award for Innovative Data Center Location, added nine new members to its 2018 Executive Committee. As ambassadors to the Irish data hosting ecosphere, also known as the “Digital Gateway to Europe,” the Executive Committee plays a vital role in supporting all aspects of the organization through collaboration, business advocacy efforts and strategic guidance.

Representing new Host in Ireland strategic partners for 2018 are Executive Committee members Mike Wegwermer, Co-Founder and Director of Circular Data Solutions; Peter Connolly, Regional Manager – Ireland, EnerNOC; Greg Hayden, CEO, Ethos Engineering; Matt Porter, Managing Director, Kedington; Mark Flanagan, Group Operations Director, Kirby Group Engineering; and Derek Kelly, Regional Sales Manager, Universal Electric Corporation.

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