AMS-IX United StatesThe distance between North America and Latin America (LATAM) just got a bit shorter for business owners, thanks to an exciting new partnership between Internet exchange (IX) provider AMS-IX USA Inc. and GlobeNet, a major Brazilian Internet wholesale provider.

Just recently, GlobeNet became the first Brazilian company to join the AMS-IX USA Partner Program, which allows third-party companies to resell remote access to AMS-IX ports in Chicago, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area.

In partnering with AMS-IX USA, GlobeNet can now remotely connect LATAM and North American customers over the global AMS-IX New York peering platform. As a result, GlobeNet can now offer low-cost Internet access and enhanced network services to major Internet players across key markets in Venezuela and Colombia, as well as to several Points of Presence (PoPs) in Brazil and the U.S.

As GlobeNet President and Chief Operating Officer Erick W. Contag explained in a statement, this partnership will directly impact GlobeNet’s customers as it will allow them to expand their networks without driving up costs.

“As the first Brazilian AMS-IX USA Partner, GlobeNet champions the efficient delivery of IP transport, AMS-IX peering ports and reliable support to customers in LATAM as well as in the U.S.,” he said. “Requiring no additional capital investment and enabling lower port capacity on demand, this partnership allows our customers to cost-effectively expand their network infrastructure and more effectively support their clients’ network requirements.”

In short, the partnership between AMS-IX USA and GlobeNet will bridge the gap between markets in Latin America and the U.S., as it will provide easier access to neutral, distributed Internet exchanges, high-quality network peering and interconnectivity services.

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