ancotel GmbH continues making global news.  In their release today, they announced that their vmmr.® platform selected by AboveNet for Ethernet Expansion.  AboveNet will be receiving seamless Ethernet connectivity solutions around the world through the german based interconnection company.

With this new alliance, Abovenet gains access to ancotel’s Kleyer90.®, Europe’s largest and most interconnected data center facility.  This means they will have access to more than 440 service providers representing over 63 countries.  AboveNet is going global, with reach throughout ancotel’s international marketplace that serves all types of carriers and providers including VoIP providers, broadband providers, hosting companies, content delivery networks, cloud networking companies and enterprises.  AboveNet is known for its high availability optical network.  Its Carrier Ethernet solutions offered at speeds from 100meg to 10gig support bandwidth intensive applications that require high performance, low latency connectivity.
AboveNet’s Newly Expanded European Reach
ancotel may be based in the Euro Finance Hub of Frankfurt Germany, but with this highly interconnected data center facility, AboveNet is using the premier network gateway between Western and Eastern Europe.  Nearly 75% of the traffic in and out of ancotel’s Frankfurt data center is routed to destinations outside of Germany.  By providing a highly interconnected hub, ancotel is focused on delivering highly reliable infrastructure solutions to ensure access to global network end-points.

AboveNet’s advantages for going through this Frankfurt hub include a the implementation of Germany’s strict data protection laws, its open regulatory environment and ancotel’s Kleyer90.® interconnection facility.  Frankfurt is the perfect fit for AboveNet to expand their networks and business globally.

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