Originally Posted by:  Marina Kvitnitsky, Product Manager at Global Capacity

Global CapacityDo you know which IT services IT managers value above all else?  N5 Networks asked over 300 of their customers to name the IT service without which they couldn’t imagine deploying an application. In January of 2015, they released the results of their ‘State of Application Delivery’ Customer Survey, stating that 40% of their respondents selected availability, making it the highest priority selection.  30% of their respondents, the next largest ranking group, selected security. In the year of some of the most highly publicized security breaches, availability trumped security. When your application isn’t available, all else becomes less important. 

We live in a connectivity-driven economy, where efficiency and productivity of businesses big and small presume the non-stop access to their software.

wireless backup to business applications

  • Healthcare organizations rely on electronic health records to build comprehensive patient profiles and choose appropriate patient treatments
  • Investment institutions rely on analytic tools to develop their strategies, manage their transactions and communicate with their clients
  • Restaurants, car garages and beauty parlors rely on their applications to track reservations, customer payments, supply inventories and employee shift scheduling
  • Cleaning companies and courier services use applications to manage their customer visits
  • Retail stores use their applications to market directly to their customers and provide customer support

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