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In a seismic move that reverberates through the scientific and connectivity realms, Aqua Comms, the vanguard of global subsea connectivity services, has announced a groundbreaking long-term lease agreement for Trans-Atlantic subsea spectrum with Energy Sciences Network (ESnet). This isn’t just another corporate transaction; it’s a leap into the exascale era, where data flows like a lifeblood through the veins of scientific research.

ESnet, often regarded as the “data circulatory system” for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) research community, has boldly stepped into uncharted territory with its first-ever Trans-Atlantic spectrum acquisition. This high-performance network, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, and managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has secured 25% of a fiber pair between the bustling metropolises of New York, Dublin, and London.

This is a commitment to the future of scientific collaboration and discovery. ESnet’s 15-year lease for this quarter-fiber-pair is not just a data pipe; it’s a lifeline, a dedicated 5 Tbps powerhouse that forms the bedrock of ESnet’s visionary trans-Atlantic strategy. Picture it as a digital highway connecting supercomputing facilities, major scientific instruments, and thousands of scientific researchers across the globe.

Inder Monga, the Executive Director behind ESnet’s symphony of data, expressed the urgency of adapting to the exascale era. “Scientific research has entered the exascale era, and researchers need to be able to rapidly, seamlessly, and reliably move vast quantities of data from instruments to high-performance computing facilities to their human collaborators all over the world — and back again.”

Enter Aqua Comms, the enabler of this digital voyage. Jim Fagan, the CEO, highlighted the significance of subsea spectrum, offering scalability and control comparable to dark fiber but at a fraction of the cost. It’s not just a business deal; it’s a partnership that instills confidence in ESnet’s vision. Fagan emphasized Aqua Comms’ expertise and global subsea engineering services, positioning them at the forefront of technology, ensuring high-bandwidth, and efficient network services.

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