Dark Fiber NetworkAqua Comms Limited (Aqua Comms), a global leader in scalable, subsea capacity-based network solutions, recently announced a new partnership with Telehouse, a leading provider of data center services. Moving forward, Aqua Comms will rely on Telehouse to serve as a European hub for its next-generation transatlantic network.

Since January 2016, Aqua Comms’ subsea fiber cable system, America Europe Connect (AEConnect), has been providing customers with commercial transatlantic connectivity from New York to London via Dublin and beyond to greater Europe. AEConnect offers more than 52 Tbps of available capacity as well as 130 x 100 Gbps per fiber pair.

The network was created to help carriers, global data centers, financial services companies, and global media as well as cloud and content providers to meet the exponential surge in bandwidth demand.

Now, Aqua Comms joins the Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect, made up of more than 750 carriers, Internet exchanges, mobile providers and broadband providers. In joining the network, which contains multiple diverse routes from the Telehouse London Docklands campus across EMEA, Aqua Comms will further strengthen customer connectivity to New York. Aqua Comms will now be able to better serve customers who are looking to host mission-critical IT infrastructure and accelerate network performance.

As Aqua Comms Chief Operations Officer Greg Varisco explained following the announcement, Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect, located at Europe’s leading connectivity hub, will empower Aqua Comms’ customers to connect with an unlimited number of business partners.

“In addition to further enabling reliable, secure, and low latency global connections for our customers, this partnership provides Aqua Comms with a host of business opportunities on either side of the Atlantic as well as at Telehouse North Two, Europe’s most advanced data centre,” Varisco explained.

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