Aqua Commons logo - 07.2016On July 20, Aqua Comms Limited — the scalable, subsea capacity-based network solutions provider — announced that CenturyLink, Inc. is actively running on its America-Europe Connect (AEConnect) subsea cable network.

CenturyLink has activated two 100-gigabit waves of high-capacity connectivity between New York and London.

CenturyLink logo - 07.2016Why is CenturyLink using AEConnect? Take a look at the high level of connectivity that the network is enabling, and the answer becomes clear. The circuits that CenturyLink is using are lit Point of Presence (PoP) to PoP, and don’t require intermediate or cable landing station regeneration. It’s a high-capacity subsea route that includes diverse terrestrial segments on both ends of the network. As such, CenturyLink is able to provision end-to-end, high capacity connectivity using advanced modulation techniques.

“This is a major milestone for CenturyLink’s international network,” explained CenturyLink Senior Vice President of Network Planning, Pieter Poll, following the announcement.

Poll also spoke about the advanced visibility and control that the network provides for CenturyLink.

“We can now control the provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting of end-to-end connectivity between our U.S. network and any CenturyLink point of presence on our European network.”

Running on AEConnect, CenturyLink will be able to provide seamless transatlantic connectivity for its customers, which is critical for high-speed business applications.

Transatlantic bandwidth is in very high demand right now, with telecom analyst firm TeleGeography calling the New York-to-London route, which is capable of handling multiple terabits of peak traffic, the second-largest Internet traffic route on the planet.

Aqua Comms is now providing transatlantic subsea connectivity for businesses of all types, including global media and service providers, carriers, financial services companies, cloud networks and over-the-top (OTT) content providers.

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