Higher network speeds will continue to evolve due to steadily increasing bandwidth demands. As the network requirements fuel the need for high reliability, low latency, high bandwidth and extended distances, fiber-optic solutions reach deeper and deeper into the network. 10G moves the decimal point from one to ten gigabits per second, and 100G moves it one step further. Due to the enormous growth in content distribution to and from metro areas, as well as the aggregation of broadband services, key metro markets are likely to see a greater number of deployments of both 10G and 100G services.

Reflecting this demand, FiberLight, LLC (FiberLight) has commenced work on its DASH Network Project, an investment in high-capacity and software-driven 10G and 100G lit network infrastructure and equipment across major markets in Texas, including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston (DASH). FiberLight also launched its Near-Net Program, which has been designed to help drive transactional business by pre-qualifying high value, near-net buildings in key metro areas for serviceability.

Initially, FiberLight’s Near-Net program will include more than 30,000 individual buildings within close proximity of its core networks in the Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Northern Virginia, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. metro areas, locations to which it can quickly and easily deploy Dedicated Internet Access and Cloud Connect solutions. Utilizing innovative software from network topology SaaS provider, Connected2Fiber, this will enable wholesale customers and channel partners to immediately identify and pre-qualify buildings where tenants are able to receive FiberLight connectivity services.

“When it comes to working with international carriers and network operators, we are committed to ensuring our partners and customers have access to tools and resources which make it easier to do business with FiberLight,” stated Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer, FiberLight, concerning the announcement. “As we expand our own network and capabilities, we expect carriers, operators, and service providers will be able to leverage our networks and their unparalleled diversity and bandwidth capacity to provide high-value solutions for their end users.”

FiberLight plans to identify approximately 100,000 near-net buildings, providing users with standard pricing information for lit transport capabilities within each facility within the next six months as part of its Near-Net Program. As the program kicks off it will focus on network regions with the greatest concentration of buildings, but will be expanded to additional locations, including Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

“With this continued investment in Texas, FiberLight’s next generation transport network will be powerful enough to provide customers near real-time delivery of 100G+ services,” remarked Jay Anderson, FiberLight’s Chief Engineer. “This project is a clear sign FiberLight is committed to bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘bandwidth on demand.’”

Running simultaneously with the FiberLight’s previously announced Ashburn Overbuild, the DASH Network Project will feature software-based networking and a user-friendly interface powered by equipment and 1,300 miles of fiber investments across the company’s long-haul network, connecting Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and McAllen. Offering enhanced connectivity into cities on the U.S. southern border, FiberLight will provide network operators with high-capacity backhaul connectivity between Mexico and key markets in Texas. These diverse, high-capacity investments will enable 10G and 100G network connectivity services along with competitive pricing and fast deployment.

For more information about FiberLight, visit www.fiberlight.com.