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In a recent interview with Pulse 2.0, Mark McComiskey, founding Partner of AVAIO Capital and manager of AVAIO Digital Partners, shed light on the firm’s innovative approach to data center siting, development, and investment. AVAIO, a build-to-core infrastructure investment firm, is making waves in the $250 billion data center location market with its unique strategy and focus on sustainability.

McComiskey emphasized AVAIO Digital‘s commitment to developing data centers in locations that offer both economic and environmental advantages. The firm’s approach involves identifying sites with abundant renewable energy resources, reducing carbon footprint and providing cost-effective power solutions for data center operations.

Strategic Site Selection

One of AVAIO’s standout projects is the development of a large-scale data center campus in Normandy, France. This location was strategically chosen for its access to abundant, renewable energy sources and its proximity to major European markets. The project highlights AVAIO’s dedication to creating sustainable, efficient data center solutions that meet the growing demand for digital infrastructure.

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