Originally posted on Data Center POST

In recent years, the wireless industry has experienced continuous growth, with companies across the world working to best take advantage of technological innovations. In any industry, with this type of continuous growth comes inevitable change, oftentimes in the form of mergers and acquisition transactions. Earlier this week, ZenFi Networks, an innovative leader of digital infrastructure solutions in the New York and New Jersey metro region, announced that they have agreed to be acquired by BAI Communications (BAI), the global shared communications infrastructure provider. This agreement of the East coast based provider, and innovator in small cell deployment, offload & roaming services, fiber connectivity and network edge colocation comes in the wake of the recent launch Link5G in New York City. 

This acquisition comes in the wake of the recent launch Link5G in New York City, and represents a significant growth opportunity for BAI in the North American region. BAI is looking to expand its current arsenal of connected infrastructure capability and operations in the market, which is currently comprised of companies Mobilitie and Transit Wireless. This move builds upon the company’s vision to become a leading provider of connected 5G infrastructure across North America, and globally. 

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