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AVAIO Digital Partners (AVAIO Digital), an emerging leader in the realm of sustainable hyperscale data centers, proudly announces a significant addition to its team – Thomas Nesel, a seasoned professional in construction management and manufacturing engineering. With an impressive track record spanning over 11 years, Nesel’s arrival signals an exciting new chapter for AVAIO Digital’s mission to provide sustainable and scalable hyperscale data center campuses.

A Vision for Sustainability

At the heart of AVAIO Digital’s ethos lies a commitment to crafting cutting-edge data centers that not only meet the evolving technological demands but also prioritize environmental sustainability. The company’s emphasis on sustainable practices, combined with Tom’s extensive construction and risk management expertise, results in a harmonious blend of purpose and proficiency.

Expertise Meets Innovation

Tom’s journey leading up to his new role at AVAIO Digital is marked by a trail of remarkable accomplishments. His previous role at the esteemed American construction firm AECOM saw him negotiating complex commercial terms and guaranteed maximum price contracts (GMPs) with industry-leading real estate developers. His leadership extended to heading the risk committee process, which meticulously scrutinized proposals and executed key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring for Construction Management (CM) projects across diverse asset classes nationwide.

Tom’s notable achievements encompass overseeing the successful execution of GMPs and KPI performance for iconic projects such as the towering 1,401-foot One Vanderbilt, the three-towered Waterline Square residential development spanning 2.16 million square feet, and JP Morgan’s monumental headquarters at 270 Park Avenue – a skyscraper standing tall at 1,388 feet.

A Diverse Skill Set

Tom’s prowess in risk management and competitive positioning is rooted in his academic journey and professional experience. His studies in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Harvard University laid the foundation for his process-oriented approach. Furthermore, his time as a manufacturing process engineer at GlobalFoundries added a technical edge to his already impressive skill set.

A Unified Vision

Laurance Lewis, Chief Commercial Officer of AVAIO Digital, underscores the significance of Tom’s arrival, stating, “We’re extremely excited about the unique expertise across real estate, manufacturing, and engineering that Tom brings to his role at AVAIO Digital. Tom’s attention to detail and risk management expertise will be an invaluable asset to us as we work to develop scalable and sustainable hyperscale data center campuses in North America and Europe.”

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