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Fiber Internet

When it comes to high-speed Internet connectivity, fiber is the way to go. Glass fibers allow data to be transmitted as light signals, resulting in high download speeds, and it can also allow multiple data streams to travel at the same time through a process called dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM).

One of the main types of fiber is known as “lit” fiber, which operates by the internet service provider (ISP) lighting the fiber and charging its customers to use the cable. However, some customers might want a more secure option that offers privacy and a more personalized approach. This is where “dark” fiber comes in.

Dark fiber provides several advantages over lit fiber, especially for customers who prioritize data security while also seeking the renowned speed and capacity of fiber optic connections. Dark fiber can simply refer to unused, unlit fiber, but it is now also known as fiber leased by a customer solely for their own needs. The ISP guarantees this fiber is accessible only by the customer leasing it, giving them more control and privacy than lit fiber can offer.

Bluebird Network’s dark fiber is an unlimited-capacity solution for our customers. With complete service control and total reliability, Bluebird’s customers can take full advantage of the many unique strengths of dark fiber.

The Benefits of Dark Fiber


Dark fiber is private, meaning the cables your business uses are dedicated to your business only. No one else shares this fiber, and it is kept separate from other fiber the ISP might employ. This private network allows you to set the security standards for your data, giving you full control.

Because of the discrete nature of dark fiber, not even the ISP who leased it can view the traffic on that fiber. Your data will stay yours, thanks to the exclusive nature of dark fiber.


When your data is the only traffic on the dark fiber, latency can become a thing of the past. If, however, your company’s data needs even more bandwidth, adding additional dark fiber to your private network is a simple upgrade to make your business’s growth as smooth as possible.


Since issues caused by traffic is a non-issue with dark fiber, scalability is limited only by the equipment used to transmit data across the network. Bluebird’s best-in-class infrastructure ensures that our fiber can be scaled to any bandwidth your company may require.

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