Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods, BridgeVoice recently launched BridgeVoice Pluto, a new automated carrier platform that is designed to bridge the gap between operators and retailers with online trading and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice and SMS services. Powered by a robust underlying technology, this one-stop-shop allows carriers to access a range of alternative network providers to meet capacity demand with high-quality assurance. By reducing the distance between operators and subscribers, this innovative solution delivers superior communications services on an interactive trading platform, providing a simplified solution for carrier operations and an enhanced end-user experience.

As a testament to the success and innovation of BridgeVoice Pluto, the platform recently received a Total Telecom’s Carriers World Award in the Technology Innovation category. Unlike most other industry recognitions, the Carriers World Awards are unique in that winners are not determined by a panel of judges, but rather are chosen based on votes cast by industry stakeholders. BridgeVoice Pluto was declared the winner for its resounding success in providing carriers with an exceptional gateway.

Said Bankim Brahmbhatt, President and CEO of BridgeVoice, “The award underscores BridgeVoice’s commitment to providing VoIP service providers and carriers worldwide with seamless access to an expansive universe of customers and partners.”

By enabling automated, self-driven and seamless services, BridgeVoice Pluto breaks the mold of conventional methods for the trading and settlement of wholesale communications services, improving the operational efficiency of carriers through automation of otherwise time-consuming and labor-intensive processes.

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