Telephony technology has been used to connect the world for more than a century. From its earliest days to now, it’s provided humanity with a direct and effective way to communicate from great distances, while affording companies the ability to establish international subsidiaries and work with employees and customers that reside in disparate locations.

As of 2015, the number of international migrants worldwide reached 244 million, a 41 percent increase compared to 15 years ago. As an increasing number of people choose to leave their native homeland, the availability of long-distance calling provides them with the ability to maintain connections with family members, friends and professional contacts regardless of geographic distance.

Additionally, economic globalization has driven the need to expand connectivity across continents, requiring businesses to use long-distance telephony communications to maintain a high level of interconnectivity. For existing Multinational Corporations (MNCs) as well as domestic enterprises exploring the option of global expansion, discovering an effective solution for international communication is essential.

Prepaid phone cards are an effective tool that allow consumers and organizations to pay a flat fee to make long-distance phone calls. Each card represents specified call times to pre-determined destinations, providing a clear-cut, simplified way to establish long-distance connections. By leveraging this system, calling card companies gain the ability to capture domestic and international calling traffic from outside terrestrial networks, providing competitive, affordable and feature-rich prepaid calling solutions. However, for many of these organizations, managing the associated costs and operations can prove to be a complex experience.

As a global IP telephony carrier, BridgeVoice offers prepaid calling card companies a highly advanced and effective service delivery platform that provides efficient network management, maximized network redundancy and reliability, as well as quality-based routing mechanisms with competitive pricing. Its new, online-based platform, BridgeVoice Pluto, has been specifically designed to facilitate the trading and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice, VoIP and SMS services, performing as a one-stop, all-inclusive platform for access to a wide range of network operators, service providers and carriers, and settlement options based on product offerings.

In addition, for organizations looking to expand their services, BridgeVoice offers a complete, wholesale voice services solution that provides users with real-time on-boarding, testing of routes, traffic termination, secure payment, wholesale network management and service delivery platforms to support international call completion, reporting and customer care,

BridgeVoice prides itself upon its superior customer service. For users that require NOC or technical support, BridgeVoice acts as a liaison with partner carriers to help manage configuration changes as well as address new operational issues. Its automated sales support is available 24x7x365 to aid customers with account management responsibilities such as tracking, reporting and updating for subscribers.

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