Originally posted on Data Center POST

When Celina Berglund found an opportunity to put her expertise into a business centered around fostering important and imperative mission critical relationships, she took the opportunity and started BROGAV Solutions. Ever since, the woman-owned business has been revolutionizing the way companies source solutions, bringing ‘value’ to value-added resellers with her unique and oftentimes very gritty approach to solving equipment and sourcing solutions. 

BROGAV Solutions is a resourceful and experienced sourcing partner for data centers and telecommunication companies. Established in early 2022, it quickly became a trusted and value-added reseller known for clear and direct communication and out of the box solutions.

“That was easy” quickly became BROGAV’s motto, based on its mission to provide effective and efficient customer service, from product recommendations and installation through establishment of warehousing capabilities.

When the company was formed, supply chain issues were disrupted, lead times were longer than ever before, and customers were needing help. Celina Berglund not only solved these problems, she delivered a solution. 

“BROGAV Solutions came to market with out of the box ideas, increasing customer options, being quick and agile and having great customer service,” says Founder and CEO, Celina Berglund.

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