Two Nordic companies add ease of services to cost-effective, 100% renewable energy data center solutions.

Bulk Data Centers announced their partnership on March 25 with Endor, a fellow Nordic tech company and supplier of 100 percent renewable hybrid IT solutions and 24 x 7 support services. The collaboration signals an effort by both groups to exceed total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide more choice, flexibility and seamless integration to their managed service customers.

This partnership leverages the Endor’s ability to provide Capacity-, Data Center-, and Hardware-as-a-Service features as a means to support design, logistics, implementation, management, refresh and disposal. This agreement is also tailored to meet a range of financial needs for ultimate flexibility.

Vice President of Bulk Data Centers, Rob Elder sees the partnership as a way to simultaneously integrate data centers with Green IT initiatives and minimize the complexity and cost often associated with going green. In fact, Elder points to the ability through expansion into the Nordics market to focus more investment into services and performance rather than into infrastructure.

The Nordic digital infrastructure model itself delivers low operating costs to meet the high-density requirements in AI and HPC.  Bulk’s tailored and adaptive solutions help to meet evolving needs. The partnership with Endor extends these capabilities, a good partner for power-intensive data processing needs.

On the other end of the table, Managing Director of Endor’s EC Germany GmbH entity, Edith Rose, views the partnership as a timely cue to the ever-growing importance of the Nordics in the European digital market. , This growth is fed not only by diverse network routes and renewable energy, but secure and scalable facilities to create a strong presence and reputation in the region as a whole.

Ultimately, the Nordic duo aim to use this spectacular alignment as a cornerstone in growing the Nordic presence on the international playing field. The Nordics are adding the value of green, carbon-reducing opportunities, all the while supported on a model geared to cut cost, amplify scalability and leverage diverse fiber routes for connectivity.  

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