bulletin_logo_475x66-300x41Due to large-scale data breaches like Chase, Home Depot and Target that put millions of customers at risk, security remains a key concern amongst enterprise organizations across the globe.  Traditional methods of identification through the use of passwords and usernames prevent security issues to a degree, but what about the added inconvenience they cause customers when login information is forgotten or stolen?  What if an enterprise needs an extra layer of security for end-users across the globe to access its critical web, IT or mobile applications?

Bulletin recently announced the release of its Mobile Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Application Programming Interface (API) to help companies enhance their security measures quickly, easily and at a low cost. Through use of this system, users seeking access will use a traditional password and username combination to log into the enterprises’ website.  Once they have entered the information, Bulletin’s 2FA automatically generates a single PIN number, or token, and sends it directly to their registered mobile device via SMS, powered by Bulletin’s smart mobile messaging platform.  The user then copies to token into the PIN input field of the enterprises’ website in order to gain access.

Bulletin’s 2FA eliminates the need for customers of enterprises to purchase additional equipment, remember more passwords, or provide personal information to access needed applications.  Moreover, given that more than 90% of adults have their mobile phone within reach at all times according to Morgan Stanley, it is a fast and convenient solution for any end-user.  The service’s key features also make it an ideal solution for enterprises, which benefit from simple API code for rapid, turnkey implementation; configurable token codes; available delivery receipts for most mobile operators; a maximum number of allowed failed login attempts; and lower help desk and security management costs.

If you’re interesting in learning more about Bulletin’s innovative 2FA capabilities, view the full release here and visit https://www.bulletin.net/two-factor.