bulletin_logo_475x66-300x41Bulletin is well-known within the mobile messaging industry for offering cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) communication solutions, including their flagship platform Bulletin Messenger.  On Tuesday, the provider announced they’ve taken it a step further, extending the platform’s functionality to a native app interface for iOS (their Android app is scheduled for release in early 2015).  The move enables customers to benefit from an even higher level of mobility, versatility and responsiveness for mobile messaging in business, without disrupting their personal communications.

This user-friendly platform maintains the high functionality offered by Bulletin Messenger while allowing customers to manage communications right from there smartphones – eliminating ties to a mobile browser on web-enabled devices.  Working on both web and mobile data platforms, this new app offers simplified communication as well as all of the benefits and features of the original interface that we know and love – including chat messaging, threaded conversations and bulk messaging.

Today’s businesses rely heavily on a efficient, continuous flow of communication, making instantaneous contact an indispensable function. Bulletin’s  app enables users to receive critical messages on the go, leveraging the unique ability to combine both OTT and SMS platforms into one application so that mission-critical communications are consistently received – whether the user is online or off.

How much more productive could your business be with the help of Bulletin Messenger?  To learn more about Bulletin Messenger and its latest iOS app, visit www.bulletin.net/messenger-app/.