The reality of the cable environment today is that cable operators face the challenges of expanding their networks more cost-effectively and efficiently across a wider geographic footprint, addressing the growing customer demand for increased quality and reach of voice services as well as decreased margins for voice customers.

Having successfully penetrated on-network small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with triple play bundles, an increasing number of cable operators are turning their focus towards larger enterprise customers with locations that extend beyond their network footprint.  Many are also seeking value-added services for their SMB customers.  Once on this trajectory, many are wrought with even more challenges of going off network, including timely qualification, design and pricing of solutions, complexity of interconnection, and meeting their customers’ service level expectations.

NCTC LogoDuring the “Connect to Revenue Opportunity with One Marketplace” webinar on July 10, Global Capacity’s Vice President of Product and Marketing, Mary Stanhope, addressed members of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) and discussed how building a compatible “network of networks” can help cable operators scale economically; extend beyond their network footprint; and provide value-added services for their customers. Ms. Stanhope advised NCTC members to automate the qualification and procurement of network services, migrate to an interconnection strategy that delivers access to multiple services and locations over the same physical interconnection, and establish interconnection at key intersection points for not only networks, but also business application and cloud services.

Ms. Stanhope further explained how cable operators could do the following with a network interconnection to Global Capacity’s One Marketplace, a marketplace of networks:

  • Easily expand network reach beyond their current footprint;
  • Reduce the time required to respond to large off-net, multi-site RFPs;
  • Take advantage of automated, real-time pricing on over 95.7% of all off-net rates quoted;
  • Reduce the number of interconnections required to deliver services out of franchise, including into often hard to reach tier 2 and 3 markets;
  • Lower costs and service complexity associated with multiple cross-connects, interconnections, MSAs and Network Operations Center (NOCs) from multiple networks;
  • Increase revenue opportunity with a cross connect to popular business applications; and
  • Reduce delivery intervals, therefore shortening time to market and time to revenue.

To learn more about the advantages of a One Marketplace for cable operators, watch Global Capacity’s “Connect to Revenue Opportunity with One Marketplace” webinar by visiting

To read how two cable operators expanded their business services off-network leveraging One Marketplace, download the case study here.