toronto-one-marketplace-pop-2Toronto is flourishing. The city underwent an economic resurgence last year and is expected to perform strongly through 2017. Employment is increasing at an above-average pace and residential and non-residential construction is on the rise.

Toronto, one of the top cities in North America poised for continued economic growth, also happens to be Canada’s largest financial, internet and cloud computing market. For these reasons, Toronto has emerged as a top target for growing multinational businesses and the city supports a strong network of technology startups and venture capitalists as well.

One business that will soon be expanding into Toronto is leading connectivity as a service provider Global Capacity. The company will be opening a new Point of Presence (PoP) at 45 Parliament Street in Toronto.

Global Capacity will host its One Marketplace™ connectivity platform in Equinix’s TR2 data center. The platform simplifies the procurement of network services, streamlines service delivery and enhances customer experience by offering a single interface for designing, pricing and fulfilling hybrid network solutions.

Global Capacity’s new One Marketplace PoP in Toronto will serve as a single, strategic interconnect for diverse, 10Gbps Ethernet cross-border interconnectivity to One Marketplace PoPs in New York City and Chicago. One Marketplace offers connections to over 9.6 million U.S. business locations and cloud ecosystems, including Amazon Web Services.

“Global Capacity will continue to expand the One Marketplace footprint in ways that complement our existing customers and suppliers, while maintaining the highest level of interconnectedness for near-ubiquitous reach,” stated Tony Thakur, Chief Technology Officer of Global Capacity.  “With speeds scaling from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps, Global Capacity’s award-winning One Marketplace Ethernet offers a breadth of service attributes to meet customers’ network transport needs for voice, data, cloud and video applications.”

As a result of Global Capacity’s new One Marketplace PoP in Toronto, customers will now also gain connections to the vast Canadian marketplace regardless the location of their One Marketplace interconnect.

“Demand for business Ethernet connectivity is prevalent throughout Canada,” explained Patrick Hannon, Chief Revenue Officer of Global Capacity. “Today, there are 445 U.S.-based companies with revenues exceeding $10 million who have more than 6,500 remote offices throughout Canada, in need of data connectivity. This high-demand, key aggregation point enables delivery of diverse route options, competitive pricing and a broad selection of network services to One Marketplace customers.”

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