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What WebRTC Enables

By Manoj Jain, Chief Operating Officer, Bankai

Web real-time communication (WebRTC) has the potential to transform the World Wide Web by embedding peer-to-peer sharing applications into browsers and enabling live video streaming over mobile phones. WebRTC is fully supported by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, for example, thereby enabling websites to become service providers. While this situation could increase competition for voice carriers, it also provides additional revenue opportunities for entrenched carriers via unified communication services (UCS), mobile text, video and voice services, and WebRTC, both as a platform and for WebRTC termination to PSTN and mobile networks.

WebRTC is simple to deploy via JavaScript code on any device that can run a web browser.  WebRTC provides an IP-based open source application program interface (API), and depending on one’s point of view, can be compatible or competitive with VoIP. WebRTC is only available through browsers, while VoIP can be used over several protocols. More importantly, WebRTC enables web developers to build VoIP into their web-based applications. WebRTC and VoIP can be used concurrently, and WebRTC allows developers to embed VoIP service directly into a web browser.

Streamlining VoIP Termination Services

By Manoj Jain, Chief Operating Officer, Bankai

VoIP traffic is increasing because it is a more affordable alternative to time-division multiplexing (TDM) calling and satisfies the need for wholesale termination arrangements to ensure that calls reach their intended destination regardless of whether the originating carrier has facilities in that geography. A carrier’s success depends highly on which carrier it chooses for VoIP termination services due to its impact on expenses, revenues, profit margins, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

While previously, large carriers worked directly with one another to create termination agreements, the number of wholesale providers has since increased and smaller carriers with tighter local presence have emerged, creating a competitive marketplace with additional options for carriers. The larger operators now need to position themselves such that the smaller carriers can interact and exchange information with them easily.

A New Way to Engage Network Operators

By Aayush Barot, Bankai Group, Chief Business Management Officer (Global Carrier business),

aayush-barot-bankai-group-chief-business-management-officer-global-carrier-businessIn today’s competitive telecommunications market, there is no room for poor call quality, or low answer-seizure ratios (ASR), average call durations (ACD) or post dialing delays (PPD). These types of issues can lead to negative ratings and high customer churn rates.

Bankai Group’s Nakul Rege Elected Vice Chair of the PTC 2016 Advisory Council

bankai_logo-1Bankai Group, a multinational telecom technology and carrier services provider, announces that its Chief Marketing Officer, Nakul Rege, has been elected Vice Chair of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) 2016 Advisory Council (AC).  The Advisory Council’s mission is to provide valuable knowledge and industry experience to help guide PTC’s vision and progress.

Bankai Group Inks Partnership with Leading Indonesian Service Provider to Enable Quality Calls at Cost-Effective Rates

Bankai GroupBankai Group recently announced the start of a strategic and multifaceted partnership with a leading telecom service provider in Indonesia.  By providing a combination of wholesale voice traffic with interconnect billing solutions on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) / hosted model, Bankai Group enables the provider to offer higher quality calling at cost-effective rates, while increasing revenues and improving margins by increasing direct inbound international traffic with committed minutes and profits.

A Night in Bollywood

Bankai GroupInformation Communication Technology and services leader and International Telecoms Week (ITW) Prime Sponsor Bankai Group promised us the biggest Bollywood party at ITW – and it delivered.

Panamax’s MobiFin Platform Receives FinTech Innovation Award 2015

panamaxOver 400 influencers and innovators gathered at the FinTech Innovation Awards 2015 in London to honor the highest achievements and trailblazers from the global financial and payments technology industries.  Panamax Inc. was awarded the FinTech Innovation Award 2015 in the emerging markets segment for its unique mobile-based service distribution platform, MobiFin.  The award adds to Panamax’s growing roster of industry recognitions, which includes the Excellence in Branchless Banking Award at Mobile Money & Digital Payments Global; the 2015 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for its Bridge2Call Solution; and a Gold Award for Best Innovation by an ICT Company, given by Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA).

Panamax Bags Fintech Innovation Award 2015 for MobiFin


April 1, 2015MobiFin, a unique mobile-based service distribution platform from Panamax, Inc., is honoured with the prestigious Fintech Innovation Award 2015 in the emerging markets segment.  MobiFin enables service providers to diversify business by provisioning core services such as banking, lottery, loyalty, airtime recharges, and many more.  The prestigious award was received by Mr. Siddharth Dhamija, VP of Technology – Head of Global Sales and Operations for Panamax, Inc.