By Jennifer Handshew, EVP, iMiller Public Relations 

CFN Services LogoCFN Services, a leading provider of managed services for the capital markets, recently announced the availability of its accelerated UltraFast™ Market Data.  Utilizing a microwave network between New York and Chicago, this offering broadens access to real-time market data at wireless speeds, making dedicated fiber connections obsolete between New York and Chicago.  This news follows the company’s recent integration of a wireless network acquired from a leading, global high-frequency trading firm into its Alpha Platform

CFN’s UltraFast Market Data provides full-depth market feeds in native format, delivered direct from the source.  Trading firms can now access and normalize CFN’s UltraFast Market Data at these locations as well as over two dozen global trading venues in key regions including Asia, Europe, North America and South America — leveraging the Alpha Platform’s ultra-low latency fiber and metro wireless connectivity.  CFN has plans to open more microwave bandwidth to deliver a diverse set of market data, including all major U.S. equities, credit and FX markets and news feeds.

CFN offers its suite of ultra-low latency wireless market data solutions under a flexible managed services model, at price points that are a fraction of today’s market rates.  This enables trading firms to greatly reduce the costs associated with low latency, high-capacity networks to move gigabytes of market data around the globe, while having access to market data at light speeds.

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