You can’t walk more than two feet in any direction at PTC’17 in Honolulu this year without hearing about change. With “Changing Realities” as the theme of the event, just about every company is focused on progress and growth.

One company that is serious about change is DataGryd, a leader in data center development and operations in Manhattan, which is attending and supporting PTC’17 as a Silver Sponsor. This week, Data Gryd will be showcasing the recent infrastructure upgrades that were made at its 60 Hudson Street data center in lower Manhattan. By leveraging 15 megawatts of primary power and infrastructure updates in backup and cooling, DataGryd was able to gain 180,000 square-feet of immediately available colocation space.

An Open-IX OIX-2-certified facility, DataGryd’s facility at 60 Hudson Street is the largest single footprint data center in New York. The data center is specially designed to meet the increasing demand for data storage and processing in New York’s crowded urban market, which is one of the world’s most concentrated Internet connectivity hubs, and its enhanced infrastructure offers tenants superior reliability through redundant power and state-of-the art monitoring.

DataGryd’s 60 Hudson Street also provides access to over 300 interconnected carriers and exchanges, and features multiple points of entry from diverse data network providers and direct fiber conduits. It’s a high-density colocation space, which uses a proprietary MicroGryd technology to deliver dual contingencies and up to 12,000 kW of power through direct primary utility feeds. What’s more, DataGryd offers a turn-key, high-power data center space at 60 Hudson Street called the MegaSuite, which provides technology-driven operational efficiencies for reduced costs for entry and power. Suites are tenant-optimized, and can be obtained with minimal capital and operational expenditures.

DataGryd just recently launched its new Cloud Core Ecology Solution (Cx2), which is an on-demand space offering fortified colocation services and custom suites. So, as you can see, DataGryd has been very busy over the last year and its attendance at PTC’17 is no different.

On Monday, DataGryd CEO and Principal Peter Feldman joined industry colleagues from Paul Hastings, China Unicom Global Limited and Comcast Technology Solutions for a panel session titled “Executive Insight Roundtable 4: Business Data Services: Market Realities.” The panel focused on the evolving landscape of the data services industry, and the key drivers of change that are taking place throughout the marketplace.

“We are very excited to attend and be a proud sponsor of PTC’17 this year, and share with prospective clients and industry colleagues the latest offerings at 60 Hudson,” stated Peter Feldman, CEO and Principal of DataGryd, prior to the event. “This conference will serve as a platform to expand awareness of our many services, including the MegaSuite and our Cx2 solution.”

For more information about DataGryd’s infrastructure upgrades at 60 Hudson Street, click here. You can also schedule a meeting with Mr. Feldman at PTC’17 by emailing