NEDAS logoAre you an end-user or professional in the Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Small Cell or Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) industries? If so, you’ll want to mark your calendar for the Fourth Annual Spring In-Building Wireless Summit, April 5-6 at the New York Academy of Medicine in Manhattan, hosted by the Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association (NEDAS).

The agenda, which was released on March 8, makes clear that this will be a can’t-miss event.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find at the Spring In-Building Wireless Summit 2016, which is expected to bring together over 400 leading industry executives, innovators and telecom engineers from service providers, vendors and more.

First, on March 5 from 2 PM to 6 PM, guests will be treated to a special lineup of pre-event training and programs. Then, the full agenda will commence on April 6 from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Presentations and panel discussions will include:

  • Digitizing our Arenas: Servicing the Needs of High-Traffic Venues,” moderated by Berge Ayvazian of Wireless 20/20 with panelists from JMA WirelessPCTELBoingo Wireless, and more;
  • “Capacity Planning, Technology Developments – Overcoming Today’s Challenges to Enable Tomorrow’s Communications,” featuring speakers from Perfect-10 and Clear Sky Technologies;
  • Industry leading case studies to be presented by Corning Optical Communications and Persistent Telecom;
  • Industry insights titled “The Middleprise: They’re Not Too Big and Not Too Small but Aren’t Just Right,” to be given by Mike Collado of SOLiD;
  • Analyst insights, with a special Report by OVUM, titled “Search for Seamless Enterprise Wireless Experience,” delivered by Mike Sapien;
  • Other topics include:
    • “Fiber to the X – Trends, Challenges and Solutions to Meet the Wireless Demand”;
    • “Developments in Mobile Antennae Technology”; and
    • “The Carrier Conundrum: oDAS, Turnkey or Self-Perform”

The conference’s open, peer-led environment will present countless opportunities for learning, collaborating and sharing Wi-Fi, DAS and small cell solutions. NEDAS President and iMiller Public Relations CEO Ilissa Miller believes that the 2016 summit will be one of the most exciting ones yet.

“The NEDAS Spring In-Building Wireless Summit has grown and evolved over the past four years to become a platform for the cultivation of new ideas, the introduction of cutting-edge technology, and an exceptional environment for industry networking,” Miller commented.

Sponsors for the Fourth Annual NEDAS Spring 2016 Summit include:

ADRF Pro-Tel
Anritsu RD Microwaves
Cobham Wireless RF Industries
Csquared Systems SCE Site Development
HPC Wireless Snyder & Snyder
Intelibs SOLiD
JMA Wireless SQUAN
Laird SYM Technology
Mann Wireless Talley
Maser Consulting Tectonic
Northeastern Communications TESSCO
Omnitron Systems Tilson
Perfect-10 Westell
Persistent Telecom ZenFi

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