Originally posted on Data Center POST

The world is rapidly increasing its reliance on digital services, networks, and data-heavy technology. Many companies are scrambling to find the most innovative technological advancements that will allow them to efficiently scale their business to meet growing demand. In this quest for maximum efficiency, companies often undervalue and underinvest in people. The teams over at Chekhub and the Nomad Futurist Foundation recognize that a better-educated workforce is a roadmap for the future. 

Announcing their strategic partnership this week, these compassionate organizations will use Chekhub’s new Learning Management System (LMS) platform to develop robust, educational initiatives for the newly created Nomad Futurist Academy. The Nomad Futurist Academy has cultivated a content-rich educational curriculum designed to introduce K-12 students and professionals transitioning careers to the Information Technology and Data Center industry. This partnership embraces the goal of building the leaders of tomorrow by developing scholarship funds and an education platform for underdeveloped communities globally.

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