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Nearly 800 million people in China have internet access, a number that is expected to increase to more than one billion within the duration of the next Five Year Plan. China, a nation of 1.4 billion people, is an enormous market, representing more than 20 percent of the world’s online community. Moreover, a Forward Intelligence Group report recently predicted that in two years China will represent approximately 25 percent of world cloud revenues.

Just recently, the Hong Kong-based data center infrastructure company, Chayora Limited, appointed Harry Shen as its new Technical Manager.  The appointment of Mr. Shen comes as Chayora continues development on its new Beichen, Tianjin hyperscale data center campus. Projected to commence live operations by the end of 2018, the 300MW, 32-hectare / 80-acre campus will serve the greater Beijing region that is home to more than 150 million people in the JingJinJi mega-metropolitan area of northern China. Mr. Shen has more than a decade of experience in data center and critical facilities design and engineering, including multiple projects serving global data center and multinational enterprise clients throughout China. 

“We are delighted to announce the appointment of Harry Shen to Technical Manager,” stated Oliver Jones, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chayora.  “Mr. Shen’s profound technical expertise in the Chinese data center sector will be an immediate asset not only to Chayora’s mission to deliver world-class data center campuses that meet international design and operational standards, but for all multinational clients seeking flexible capacity growth options as they endeavor to establish or expand their businesses in China.”

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