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maincubes, operator of high-availability and secure data centers in Germany and the Netherlands, Circle B, a company providing value through services and solutions based on community-driven hardware and software, and ITRenew, the global leader in Circular Cloud and sustainable data center infrastructure, recently announced their strategic partnership. This partnership, which focuses on driving the prioritization of data center sustainability and enabling IT operations and infrastructures that are efficient, highly flexible and environmentally friendly, will deliver IT environments that leverage the same Open Compute Project (OCP) principles and advanced technologies used by the world’s leading hyperscalers. Open compute solutions deliver a host of benefits, including greater flexibility, enhanced operational efficiency, improved compute density, optimized power and cooling, streamlined maintenance and lower total costs of ownership. 

Together, these leading companies will deliver environmentally responsible, high-performance infrastructure and modern IT environments, including complete colocation solutions. These solutions will ensure customers can scale efficiently and achieve sustainability goals without compromising on their ability to meet the rigorous demands of an evolving, data-centric world. As a result of this collaboration, enterprises of all sizes will benefit from a clear path to achieving benefits and advantages similar to those that hyperscalers currently enjoy. The first major joint OCP project from this partnership — an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform — will be published by the partners by the end of 2020. More detailed information will be available in the near future.

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