CITADEL100 LogoDUBLIN IRELAND, SEPTEMBER 8TH 2014 – CITADEL100, a leading Datacentre owner and operator, specialising in designing, developing and operating 100% availability Datacenters, announced today the launch of its online data centre customer app, C100. 

CITADEL100, a member of the Keppel Group, is Ireland’s leading datacentre owner and operator. CITADEL100 own and operate 65,000 square feet of raised-floor mission critical datacentre space in the National Digital Campus at Citywest in Dublin.

Citadel announced today the launch of its online customer app C100 which is designed to further enhance customers’ experience through easier communication and real-time access to data on their respective colo environment. The launch of the C100 customer app will provide customers with the information associated with their Colos environmental and electrical systems, including the ability to launch and view the status of data centre support tickets and access customer reports on environmental, operational and security metrics. The app is available for customers by contacting the Citadel100 Operations Team.

Karl Hennessy, CEO of CITADEL100 said, “We are excited about the functionality and features this customer app brings as an added benefit to our valued data centre customers.” In addition to making it easier for customers to engage with CITADEL100’s operations team, the app displays real-time metrics for each customer’s data centre environment within CITADEL100’s Dublin data centre, including temperature, humidity and Utility, UPS and Generator Power statistics.

The “PEMAC” section allows our customers access to our data centre maintenance management system which allows customers to place and track service request orders through a secure online ticketing system. The C100 customer app provides our customers with a detailed analysis of how CITADEL100 is meeting and performing against the 100% Uptime Service level Agreements (SLA) we offer.

Developed by CITADEL100’s operations team, the app is the culmination of months of planning, development and testing.  The Customer app utilises CITADEL100’s data centre BMS (Building Management System), which has been extensively programmed by our in-house engineering team. It utilises some 3,000 points to control and monitor all aspects of the data centre environment.

The first launch of the C100 customer app will serve as the foundation on which the company will continue to add features and functionality over time to improve customer experience.

For further information on CITADEL100 and its services please contact us at:

CITADEL100 Datacentres Limited
Dublin, Ireland
Direct Line: +353 (0)1 4691000
Fax: +353 (0)1 469 1001