Byliner: Tim Anker, Founder of The Colocation Exchange

Print2014 is quite a year for Colo-X – we’re 10 years old!  It was 2004 when I left Band-X to branch out on my own, establishing both Colo-X and sister company Crosspoint Colocation, having first cut my teeth in the industry when I joined a fledgling start up called Band-X in 1999.  (Prior to this I had spent 14 years in the City). If you want a small anecdote my first ever colo deal was putting Eircom into 111 8th Avenue in Manhattan in the summer of ’99, with an operator (Extranet) that has long since been acquired by Equinix (through about two prior acquisitions)!

Without doubt the best aspect of the colocation and data centre industry that I’ve enjoyed the most over the past 10 years has been theTim Anker, Colo-X people!  I’m still in touch with both the buyer and vendor involved in that first ever deal, as of course I am with most of the participants in my various (and varying) transactions over the past ten years.

Whilst the suppliers and buyers that I work with come in a huge variety of different forms and whilst this is very much an industry focused on technology, at the end of the day its people who run the businesses and make decisions.  This is why I describe my approach to doing business as “hands on” – in other words not “click and buy” but actually my preference remains to meet up or at least to have a phone call to discuss –  perhaps it’s the modus operandii that suits me best, but its certainly an approach I intend to continue.

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