By Tim Anker, Founder of The Colocation Exchange

PrintI am in the process of updating my 2013 review of the UK Colocation Industry.  This 50 page report covered nearly 100 colocation facilities across the UK including detailed overviews of the market in Central London, the market Around London and the rest of the UK.

I am in the process of updating our statistics and writing commentary on both whats taken place in the UK colo market Tim Anker, Colo-Xover the past year, but also importantly setting out my views as to what trends I see carrying on into the future.  These views have certainly evolved over the past couple of years and I am especially interested in the evolution of perhaps a two tier marketplace, with niche “specialist ecosystems” at one end of the market compared with huge growth in the “undifferentiated” part of the market.  Its certainly a fascinating time.


The other trend I’m beginning to wonder about is if colocation providers are now starting to focus on key customer verticals – we certainly see plenty of evidence to suggest that rather than trying to be all things to all colocation buyers certain operators are focusing their efforts on specific market niches, eg hosting, corporates or the media sector. My new report should be available early in the new year and if you’d like a copy please let me know.
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