colt_logo_l_cmykColocation services are the lifeblood for modern business operations, making it possible for organizations to meet growing market demands and increase IT requirements. As colocation continues to become a major part of business-critical operations, it’s increasingly important for industry professionals to educate themselves and recognize what questions to ask when considering prospective colocation solutions.

Here you can find a complimentary Forrester Research brief titled, “Change Buying Habits for New Data Center Solution Packaging,” providing independent insights into how progressive providers are adapting their colocation service offerings to enhance their client service and help customers meet colocation needs.

This brief is a powerful tool to help understand the inner workings of how to negotiate the purchase of many colocation solutions, as well as determine important details to recognize while in the process of selecting the proper space to suit your unique business demands. Today, we’re seeing a shift away from traditional capacity-focused methods, challenging industry conventions with a spotlight on economics, flexibility, and latency.

In this evolving landscape, colocation providers are forced to re-think traditional processes, making room for innovative infrastructure and enhanced customer experience. At Colt, we have a clear understanding of this ideology, recognizing that colocation solutions are never “one size fits all.” The strategies and insights provided by this brief echo our fundamental principles, packaged in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand. Download your free copy of “Change Buying Habits for New Data Center Solution Packaging” today, and learn how to capitalize on modern data center solution packaging.