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Colohouse, a leading provider in colocation, cloud, hosting, and network services, has announced the successful acquisition of Hivelocity, the foremost provider of bare metal hosting. This strategic acquisition, backed by Valterra Partners, marks a pivotal moment for both companies as they merge their expertise and resources to meet the escalating demands of the market.

Jeremy Pease, CEO at Colohouse, emphasized the strategic significance of the acquisition, stating, “Our acquisition of Hivelocity is a strategic move to enhance our capabilities and reinforce our commitment to delivering top-tier IT infrastructure services.” Pease highlighted the customer-centric approach driving this collaboration, emphasizing the amalgamation of Colohouse and Hivelocity as a next-generation provider prioritizing customer needs and success.

Mike Architetto, CEO of Hivelocity, echoed Pease’s sentiments, emphasizing their shared mission to simplify hosting and provide an exceptional customer experience. Architetto’s vision aligns seamlessly with the direction of the acquisition, foreseeing accelerated capabilities and a continuation of Hivelocity’s legacy under the Colohouse umbrella.

The acquisition brings forth several key benefits:

Full-Service Hybrid Cloud Offering: Colohouse’s existing portfolio is bolstered with Hivelocity’s bare metal servers, network automation, and virtual private cloud solutions. This integration enables the delivery of a comprehensive range of solutions catering to modern applications and data with diverse computing power and connectivity needs.

Automation and Self-Service Capabilities: The combined entity promises rapid deployment and scalability of private compute and connectivity resources across numerous domestic and international locations. Modern capabilities such as developer tools, APIs, and SDN will be integrated, facilitating enhanced automation and self-service options for customers.

Top-Tier Talent: With a shared commitment to customer success, the acquisition brings together a wealth of experience and expertise. The amalgamation of talent ensures exceptional customer service, with a focus on providing automation and expertise as per customer requirements.

As businesses increasingly rely on advanced IT infrastructure for growth, the Colohouse-Hivelocity merger positions itself as the go-to solution for hosted infrastructure needs. The combined entities are set to launch a new private cloud offering in early Q3 of 2024, specifically tailored for enterprise virtualization environments, catering to complex workloads with stringent application, scalability, and security demands.

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