I have been asked by clients and industry executives alike about what you should be careful about communicating in such unknown and unprecedented times.  To help you navigate communication with customers and partners effectively, we prepared the following informative information:  Do’s and Don’ts on What to Communicate During a Pandemic.

For general guidance, please consider the following:

Communicate and proceed with caution:

  • Event planning.  In today’s uncertain climate, we don’t know when large groups will be able to gather so it is recommended to put these activities on hold until there is a sense of when people can socialize in person again.  This doesn’t mean your ideas and wish lists can’t be nurtured, and keep planning arms length and insight but nothing else until there are definitive dates for reconvening in groups is our recommendation.
  • Sales promotions.  Companies want to help, aid and advise not at the cost of others or to take advantage of today’s digitally reliant world.  Consider how your message may be received and go gently in your promotions.  Offering guidance and assistance and a beacon of hope is a stronger approach than a pure sales opportunity right now.
  • Newsletters.  It’s par for the course, making sure the content is less about you and more about how you can help and aid companies going through challenges is a stronger approach. Consider sharing resources associated with helping businesses navigate today’s digital world, resources on updates about the pandemic and monitoring industry events will be helpful in the short/mid-term. Pivot as you need to – or don’t proceed.
  • Case Studies and Use Cases.  If they are relevant to today’s climate, great.  If not, backburner them so they can be revisited when the world’s situation subsides.
  • Be empathetic to businesses that may be struggling.  When upselling or entering new business discussions don’t look for the easy win, approach your focus on partnership, enablement and identify ways to help implement at reduced costs now, or deferred payments later.  Anything that may incur additional costs should be communicated up front and clearly.  This is not a good time to sneak line items in without a full disclosure.