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In a world where talent acquisition defines success, Competitive Telecoms Group (CTG) stands as a beacon of excellence, reshaping the landscape of telecommunications, infrastructure, and data center industries. Amidst the backdrop of a record-breaking year, CTG embarks on a new chapter of its journey, one defined by audacity and vision. Today, the firm proudly announces its free board placement services to the Venture Capital and Private Equity sectors, signaling a paradigm shift in the realm of talent acquisition.

Building upon its legacy of excellence, CTG aims to foster strategic partnerships between companies and investors, transcending conventional boundaries to unlock new avenues of growth and prosperity. With an illustrious roster of clients, including industry titans like Seaborn Networks, United Fiber and Data, and Conterra Networks, CTG’s foray into the realm of venture capital and private equity promises to reshape the telecommunications landscape.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Jerry DeMartino, CTG has emerged as a trusted ally for companies navigating the complexities of leadership acquisition. DeMartino’s seasoned expertise, honed through decades of experience at MCI International and GlobeNet, infuses CTG with a spirit of innovation and strategic foresight, propelling the firm to unprecedented heights.

In a testament to its commitment to excellence, CTG offers free board placements, a bold initiative designed to catalyze growth and drive strategic alliances within the industry. With a portfolio boasting executive placements at leading organizations like Skywire, Fusion Connect, and Tata Communications, CTG’s track record speaks volumes about its ability to deliver tangible results.

DeMartino exudes confidence in the firm’s trajectory, affirming, “With the growing interest in our free board activities and numerous successful executive-level placements, we anticipate surpassing our previous records. We are committed to leveraging our long-standing personal relationships and industry knowledge to help companies while continuing to build our brand and reputation.”

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