As originally published in Global Capacity, Marketplace News, by Mary Stanhope

Global CapacityConnecting your new business location to the internet and other business applications takes some knowledge of the whos and hows.  It can take time to determine the best connectivity solution at the best price for your business needs.

Connecting_Your_Local_Business_101_Blog_ImageSo, where do you start?  First, which service provider connects your location?  What speeds at what price do they offer?  And when can they turn on service?  You need a way to have visibility into the connectivity for your business location. Unfortunately, this often takes more time than you would think.  You can google options in your city, reach out to local incumbent providers, ask nearby businesses, all of which can take time and have a varying degree of accuracy for your specific address.  As an option, look to leverage an online marketplace that will provide simple design, quote and ordering options for your location.  Check for Global Capacity Business Services at your address.

The next consideration to make when connecting your business location involves your specific business needs. The speed and type of network connectivity you select will differ, for instance, if you are using streaming video or data backup in addition to simple broadband internet requirements.

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