Originally posted by:  Mary Stanhope, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Global Capacity

Global CapacityIn a recent article, by Mike Kavis, on the topic of Rackspace’s Exit from the IaaS Market, it became clear that the race for public cloud workloads is quickly settling into a three horse race between tech giants Amazon, Microsoft and Google. And let’s not forget the likes of IBM who with it’s Softlayer acquisition would now show up on the chart.  Companies like Amazon and Google create a huge ecosystem where independent service providers can step in and provide a suite of services within a large marketplace.

It was hard enough for the other IaaS providers to compete with Amazon before, but now Google and Microsoft are pushing Amazonconnecting the cloud as a service to drive costs down and innovate faster. It is a game that companies like Digital Ocean, Joyent, ProfitBricks and the numerous other niche IaaS providers are challenged to win. Although these companies may offer competitive or even better prices in some instances, every penny used to reduce prices is a penny not invested in innovation.

One potential game changer is connectivity.  Smaller IaaS providers can be competitive and innovative by bundling in secure access connectivity from customer locations to IaaS location.   3 keys to bundling connectivity into services for these IaaS providers are easy to order, competitive pricing, and fast to deliver.

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