When milliseconds can win or lose a company millions of dollars, speed counts. Cross River Fiber has just announced an extremely attractive offer for its express, New Jersey-based, Dark Fiber routes.  In conjunction with their participation at International Telecoms Week (ITW), the company is offering an exclusive 2 for 1 special on four new routes from key data centers to New Jersey’s premiere carrier hotel, 165 Halsey Street. The promotion will allow companies to mix and match from the routes included in the promotion according to their needs.

Included in the bundled dark fiber promotion are the following four NJ data centers:

Cross River Fiber works with financial, government, education and healthcare sectors throughout the State of New Jersey to provide a comprehensive approach to network service design, implementation, and service management. The provider in February announced the completion of its 23.25 km “express fiber route,” that connects two “carrier hotels” that specialize in data for the finance industry — where even milliseconds are critical to their bottom line.

Cross River Fiber provides its own unique, alternate, dark fiber optic infrastructure for commercial and carrier businesses.  Their fiber network uses 100% new optical glass and maintains a high reliability and security. They own operate an independent, state-of-the-art fiber optic networks and offer a variety of lease and IRU options to their clients for use of the company’s network.

This 2 for 1 offer introduces its new express routes to clients where milliseconds matter.