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Global CapacityLawrenceville, GA-based NovoLogic operates a bit differently than your average organization. The company, a self-described “culture agency,” has helped fine-tune the culture, messaging and brand authenticity and consistency of renowned organizations such as Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola and the University of Phoenix. It’s no wonder the company required the help of an equally innovative partner to help support its network connectivity needs, which are at the heart of NovoLogic’s offerings.

novologic_globalcapacityWe spent some time with NovoLogic President and CEO, Burke Allen, to discuss how the company has benefited from its partnership with Global Capacity, and what this means for the company and the greater Lawrenceville community moving forward.

“As a culture agency, we help our clients determine how to match their interior—internal communications, collaboration and day-to-day behavior—with their exterior brand messaging,” Allen said. “We start by taking an introspective look at the executive team. After all, a company can’t perpetuate organizational values and core competencies if those values don’t match those of its founders and chief executives. During this initial strategizing phase, NovoLogic works on identifying what a company’s values really are, versus what people say they will be.”

Once these values are determined, Novologic helps bring them to life in the form of targeted messaging via a number of platforms and channels, such as custom content campaigns and corporate event planning. But this is only part one of a two-step process that the company implements in order to transform corporate culture over the long-term. As a technology solutions provider, NovoLogic also offers cloud-based learning and training platforms that help realign and maintain the company’s messaging. NovoLogic’s senior strategists, for example, helped develop video streaming services and Point of Sale software that are used by McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. Because of this, network connectivity plays a massive role in the company’s success.

Reliable, high performance network connectivity is needed in order to properly train employees via video, which is the preferred medium today for employee and corporate communications. “Streaming across thousands of locations is advantageous, but having the correct bandwidth and network infrastructure is usually the first hurdle to overcome when dealing with a new client,” Allen explained. “It’s not a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have.”

As a provider of today’s leading marketplace of networks, Global Capacity was able to assist NovoLogic in multiple areas from improved customer service to heightened collaboration.

“When we partnered with Global Capacity we saw a drastic improvement of the customer service that was being provided, which enabled us to be more proactive versus reactive,” Allen explained. “As a President and CEO, it’s nice to know I have a partner who is thinking a few steps ahead of me and giving me proactive status updates versus me having to call and check.”

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