data-center-efficiency-the-new-mark-of-leadership-1Originally posted to Data Center POST,

What does it take to be successful in business today? It requires more than just turning a strong profit. Now, businesses must also prove they can efficiently and responsibly manage their data center resources.

LinkedIn is an enterprise that takes this message to heart.

Just recently, LinkedIn was awarded the Efficient IT (EIT) Stamp of Approval at Infomart’s flagship data center, Infomart Portland, by Uptime Institute, an advisory organization focused on improving efficiency, reliability and business critical infrastructure through independent certifications.

data-center-efficiency-the-new-mark-of-leadership-2So, what is the Efficient IT Stamp of Approval, and why is it so important?

Receipt of this approval is given after a complete evaluation of enterprise leadership, operations and computing infrastructure. It’s designed to help guide businesses to lower costs, increase efficiency and leverage technology for good stewardship of corporate and environmental resources.

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