Originally posted on Data Center POST

DC BLOX, a leading provider of secure and reliable data centers and fiber network solutions, has announced the appointment of its CEO, Jeff Uphues, to the Board of Directors of INCOMPAS. This significant development highlights Uphues’ extensive industry experience and reinforces DC BLOX’s commitment to driving forward cutting-edge solutions in connectivity and infrastructure.

Jeff Uphues brings over three decades of profound expertise in the information technology industry to his new role at INCOMPAS. As the CEO of DC BLOX, Uphues has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategy, vision, and execution, particularly in the design, construction, and operation of highly secure Tier III rated data centers across the Southeastern United States. Under his leadership, DC BLOX has emerged as a Connectivity Exchange leader in its markets, providing agile, efficient, and resilient cloud connectivity alongside best-in-class infrastructure for digital services.

Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS, expressed enthusiasm about Uphues joining the board, emphasizing the importance of diverse voices in advocating for competition policy across all networks. Uphues’ leadership and industry insights are poised to contribute significantly to INCOMPAS’ initiatives aimed at fostering innovation, economic growth, and fair competition in the telecommunications and technology sectors.

INCOMPAS represents a wide spectrum of internet, streaming, communications, and technology companies, advocating for policies that promote healthy competition, spur innovation, and drive economic development. With its members offering diverse broadband services through wireline and wireless networks, INCOMPAS plays a crucial role in shaping regulatory and legislative frameworks that enable a vibrant and competitive marketplace.

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